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Accelerate your cloud migration by connecting and scaling without complex VPNs or the burden of private circuits.

Gartner predicts that by 2019, one third of software vendors will transition to the cloud. This, coupled with the promise of efficiency and profitability, is driving the exodus from the data center to the cloud. As businesses evolve to the cloud, they’re challenged with the task of moving applications and huge chunks of data from on-site to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure. An effective cloud migration strategy is incredibly important and often overlooked, until the severity of potential roadblocks are realized during the move process.

It is important that once migrated, applications and data are accessible by users and ancillary systems in a controllable, secure, performant manner. Traditional methods of cloud connectivity such as VPN tunnels and dedicated MPLS connections are cumbersome, expensive, and can take months to establish.

NetFoundry delivers a new level of network agility to businesses embracing cloud migration and modern application practices.

Embrace the Cloud With Confidence

The NetFoundry platform enables administrators to instantly spin up software- only, zero trust, micro-segmented networks called AppWANs at scale using our web orchestration console and APIs. AppWANs can be deployed to connect anything (from users to ancillary applications) over the Internet, to cloud-migrated workloads with dynamically optimized performance and a robust, multi-dimensional security posture.

Download Our Latest Whitepaper

NetFoundry brings agility, security, and speed that traditional connectivity solutions can’t match. Networks can be spun up instantly using virtual gateways that are pre-built for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other common cloud platforms.

Key Benefits

    • Zero trust network architecture with secure network isolation and micro-segmentation in a least privilege access model
    • On-demand networking as agile as the applications and IT functions it serves
    • Multi-dimensional, encrypted data in motion protection
    • Dynamic performance optimization with 3-5x performance gains over traditional VPN
    • Hardware, telco, and cloud provider agnostic
    • Developer friendly network deployment using popular DevOps tools
    • Networks driven by the identities, contexts, & needs of each app and set of IAM policies
    • Available in AWS & Azure marketplaces
    • Trusted partnerships & integrations for full-stack solutions

Solution Snapshot – Cloud Migration & Connectivity

myCloudDoor are experts in enabling businesses to successfully adopt, migrate and implement Cloud Solutions – with a specialization in critical line of business applications, like SAP, with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services – to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks to reach the expected benefits of cloud using their unique expertise, their own methodology and proprietary tools.

The Problem

Firms are taking advantage of the strengths of a myriad of different cloud providers to meet the varying needs of business services that are being developed for or migrating to the cloud as a byproduct of hybrid cloud adoption. While this multi-cloud strategy is emerging as a best-practice, it brings added complexity into planning and connectivity. Managing connectivity between multiple clouds in various geographies, each providing different services to different endpoints, becomes increasingly complex, risky, and expensive as time goes on. As organizations move to take advantage of the infrastructure and applications available in the cloud, they are finding that traditional network solutions do not offer the same “instant on” provisioning and elasticity that cloud providers enable for virtual machines, resulting in delays, frustration, and increased total cost of ownership. Problematic connectivity can ultimately reverse the benefits derived from moving workloads to the cloud in the first place.

The Solution

myCloudDoor has reduced their customers’ time-to- deployment and project durations while streamlining and securing their own processes by enlisting NetFoundry. NetFoundry makes it easy to instantly spin up software-only, highly secure, performant, edge-to-cloud networks to Azure over the Internet using our web-based orchestration tools and APIs with micro-segmented networks called AppWANs – via the myCloudMAS Cloud Management and Automation Suite.

In one instance, NetFoundry reduced data transit time from two days with a traditional VPN tunnel to less than eight hours with an AppWAN, using the same Internet connection. Finally, if any changes need to be made, such as connections to ancillary applications that may have been overlooked, this can be mitigated in minutes, rather than days or weeks with other connectivity options.

Organizations opt to distribute services across a mixture of public, private and hybrid cloud for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, traditional connectivity with these clouds is not cloud-native and introduces a set of challenges which need to be solve – from performance and security risks, incompatibility with DevOps and IAC, complexity in operations, lack of agility and increased overheads and proprietary hardware. myCloudDoor chooses instead to abstract connectivity to the application level and of any underlying hardware by utilizing the NetFoundry connectivity-as-code platform enabling them to effectively manage workloads across any ecosystem without bespoke connectivity – including Azure, Azure Stack, Azure IoT, Azure Virtual WAN for various private environments, Windows and Mac clients, Android and more. This software-only connectivity enables the instant spinning up of secure, performant, application-specific, Zero Trust networks called AppWANs to connect these app workloads with Internet reach and scale.

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