We are proud to announce a new partnership with ClixLogic™ Philippines, one of Philippines most reliable and experienced providers of Technology Solutions and Maintenance Services. Our partnership aims to equip businesses with today’s most intensely discussed IT security concept- zero trust network architecture. Together with ClixLogic we offer customers a next generation zero trust foundation to accelerate business velocity – while strengthening security. 

For years now, organizations across industries have focused on agile transformations, moving from traditional hierarchies to flexible and fast decision-making models. The COVID-19 pandemic fashioned an urgency to these efforts, creating an immediate need for adaptability, speed and efficiency, while not neglecting security.

To meet the increasing business demands for agility and responsiveness, ClixLogic and NetFoundry join arms to provide programmable, cloud-native, zero trust, embeddable networking. We ensure the highest levels of data protection for our customers by building security into every facet of their IT environment. Our joint customers can take control of their networking and security today to enable more decentralized innovation and securely connect their people and devices to the services they need to access. 

It has always been Clixlogic’s  goal  to add value to its products and services for the benefit of clients. With the world shifting to Work from Home and Work from Anywhere business environments,  now is the ideal time for Clixlogic to include the most reliable and secure data protection while providing resilient internet connectivity to its clients. Partnering with NetFoundry comes at the most opportune time as data security is paramount to global business in these pandemic times.

The NetFoundry solution simplifies and secures connectivity to any cloud, hybrid environment, multi-cloud application. The solution provides DevOps, NetOps and networking teams with  programmable, Internet-optimized, on-demand, zero trust networking and removes the complexities and dependencies of traditional networking. It closes all inbound ports, reducing the attack surface for ransomware and other malware to land and spread.

With an evidence-based suite of interventions by ClixLogic and NetFoundry’s extensive platform development and experience in the design and delivery of zero trust security, businesses can propel their agile transformation forward, deliver value and emerge successful in the digital world.

To learn more visit www.clixph.com


NetFoundry is the leader in Cloud Native Networking, enabling businesses to simply, securely and cost-effectively connect distributed applications across edges, clouds and service meshes. The NetFoundry platform, delivered as SaaS, enables businesses to connect applications without the costs and complexity of VPNs, custom hardware and private circuits.

NetFoundry’s platform is accessed via APIs, SDKs and DevOps tools integrations, enabling practitioners, application developers, and network administrators to get the levels of automation and agility which are only possible with connectivity-as-code.  NetFoundry is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Bangalore, and Singapore.  

Twitter: @NetFoundry

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Web: https://netfoundry.io/

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