CHARLOTTE, NC – April 2, 2019 — NetFoundry™, the leader in Application-Specific Networking, announces its partnership with 1Cloudstar,  experts who actively work with Amazon Web Services and successfully deliver Cloud Advisory, Cloud Migration, Cloud Connectivity and Cloud Managed Services to private and public sector customers in various industries.  The 1Cloudstar Global Cloud Delivery Network is composed of a specialized group of management consulting, technology and business process professionals who combine a breadth of cloud transformation capabilities with insight-driven business insight. This helps clients achieve exceptional performance.

The partnership of NetFoundry & 1Cloudstar will be introduced  at AWS Summit Singapore on April 10th & 11th. NetFoundry is a AWS Marketplace technology provider.

1Cloudstar is a Cloud Consultancy & Service firm based in Singapore with physical presence and coverage across Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is part of the 1Cloudstar ecosystem, and as part of the AWS Partner Network that supports AWS Direct Connect, 1Cloudstar provides network connections to improve enterprise access to AWS cloud computing platform and services via a private fiber optic connection.

1Cloudstar can quickly scale these connections to support your connectivity needs, enabling new environments to deploy in hours instead of weeks, helping AWS customers reduce bandwidth costs and achieve secure, predictable network performance to the Cloud and their AWS applications.

In 1Cloudstar environments, NetFoundry AppWAN solutions makes it easy to instantly spin up software-only, highly secure, performant, edge-to-cloud networks to any AWS workload or form-factor over the Internet using our web-based orchestration tools and APIs with micro-segmented networks via the myCloudMAS® Solution (Cloud Management and Automation Suite).

In one instance, NetFoundry reduced data transit time from two days with a traditional VPN tunnel to less than eight hours with an AppWAN, using the same Internet connection. Finally, if any changes need to be made, such as connections to ancillary applications that may have been overlooked, this can be mitigated in minutes, rather than days or weeks with other connectivity options.

1Cloudstar’s Cloud Connectivity Services provide an end-to-end, carrier neutral, managed private connectivity service that connects customer’s physical facilities securely and reliably to their AWS cloud infrastructure via AWS Direct Connect services. NetFoundry AppWANs can greatly facilitate enterprise application deployment and operations, including cloud connectivity on AWS.  NetFoundry delivers a new level of network agility to businesses embracing cloud migration and modern application practices. Now, with 1Cloudstar and NetFoundry, enterprises can experience the efficiency, security, speed, agility, reliability and profitability that is associated with digital technology and cloud migrations without the hassle and headache.

“1Cloudstar as experts in cloud connectivity and migration with AWS are faced daily with the issue of legacy connectivity and its incompatibility with the digital transformation to deliver security and agility businesses need. The NetFoundry platform allows them to enable their customers network with is abstracted from the underlay, in the same way AWS does for compute and storage, to deliver connectivity in minutes which is performant and secure for critical apps using APIs and DevOps tool and methodology. They are the ‘gateway’ for businesses to become cloud-native on AWS”  Dipesh Ranjan Head of Asia Pacific at NetFoundry.

“Instead of taking weeks’ of waiting time for the telco links to be ready, and signing expensive contracts, NetFoundry’s game-changing solutions enable us to build cost-effective, secure and high-performance cloud connectivity solutions for our customers from any where at any time, in a matter of hours.” Mike Li, CEO of 1Cloudstar 

Visit the 1Cloudstar booth (Booth S26) at AWS Summit Singapore to learn more about what NetFoundry is doing in the APAC region with AWS.


About NetFoundry

NetFoundry is the leader in Application Specific Networking, enabling businesses to instantly connect distributed applications in any cloud, on any device, anywhere with unprecedented simplicity. The NetFoundry platform enables businesses to securely and reliably connect applications without the constraints of VPNs, custom hardware and private circuits. NetFoundry is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Bangalore and Singapore.


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About 1Cloudstar

1Cloudstar are a Cloud Consultancy & Service firm based in Singapore with physical presence and coverage across other key Asia Pacific markets such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. They actively working with Amazon Web Services and successfully deliver Cloud Advisory, Cloud Migration, Cloud Connectivity and Cloud Managed Services to both private and public sector customers in various industries.


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