netfoundry tataThe NetFoundry team is excited to publicly share our platform, products, partners, and progress at Mobile World Congress this week in beautiful and historic Barcelona, Spain. What a perfect venue to exit stealth mode!

The NetFoundry platform enables developers to create networks, empowering businesses and developers to integrate carrier independent, programmable networks inside of applications.

Our platform makes it simple for businesses and application providers to deploy software-defined networks across the Internet, which have the security and reliability of a private enterprise WAN. Each network can be standalone, or can be bolted on to existing WANs or SD-WANs – for example to extend connectivity to cloud, IoT, and new applications.

Don’t Miss NetFoundry Demos & Presentations

Demos include partnerships with Dell EMC, V5 Systems, Wireless Glue, and Esprida, showing how IoT systems can now integrate secure, performant networks inside of their solutions, such that customers get full stack solutions from an ecosystem of best in class partners. The NetFoundry team will be demonstrating our solutions in the Tata Communications Booth @ Hall 2 H26, as well as some of our Dell EMC partnered solutions in the VMware booth @ Hall 3, Stand 3K10.

In addition, Galeal Zino and Jim Clardy will be joining V5 and Dell EMC to conduct a Dell EMC Theatre presentation on Wednesday at 18:00 CET in the VMware booth @ Hall 3, Stand 3K10 to share the V5 Systems public safety solution. This partner integration makes is possible to set up and connect high resolution cameras which monitor crowds gathering in large public spaces, securely transmitting live video streams over the Internet to multiple endpoints such as law enforcement agencies. Solutions like this which combine Dell EMC’s infrastructure and software, V5’s solar powered surveillance equipment and software, and NetFoundry’s “instant secure network” platform has the potential to help saves lives while capturing powerful evidence for trials.

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