NetFoundry’s software-only, programmable application-specific networks “AppWANs” offer a new way to utilize the reach of the Internet with optimal performance and Zero Trust security.

NetFoundry AppWANs are hardware and service-provider agnostic, running over any MPLS-WAN or SD-WAN, which means there’s no need for a costly and disruptive overhaul of your infrastructure.

The connectivity is built right into your applications with our SDKs, or available as thin clients for IoT devices and laptops, virtualized gateways for sites and cloud-native gateways available in the AWS and Azure Marketplaces.

NetFoundry manages all the underlying infrastructure as a managed SaaS, while you control your infrastructure via the NetFoundry Web Console or NetFoundry APIs, integrated into your DevOps such as Ansible, Jenkins, CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager and Terraform.

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