Turnkey IoT with Azure & NetFoundry

Private IoT at your site with embedded private networking to your WAN and cloud assets

What do connected stores, smart ports and Industry 4.0 have in common?

High potential. But they also have complexity in common.

Many devices and vendors. Antique LANs. Security concerns. Networking challenges. Integration difficulty.

Now there is an answer.  Replace the sorted mix of LAN, hardware and networking boxes with a single edge compute solution, delivered as SaaS.  Save time, save space, save energy.  Focus on your business. 

Get high-powered, low-latency local edge compute and the power of the cloud. Get both local private networking and global private networking.  Those 17 IoT vendors who need 17 VPNs to manage their IoT devices?  Eliminate the VPNs and manage them with one secure solution.  Difficult to connect to corporate WAN or cloud assets?  No longer - and without needing to disrupt your corporate WAN.

Deploy Azure powered IoT islands. Use embedded NetFoundry to connect your islands to cloud and WAN, without changing your WAN.

For IMS, working with NetFoundry Zero Trust networking helps us best serve edge compute customers. We are embedding our IoT Edge solution with NetFoundry so that we can enable customers to meet their edge compute goals without the hassle of deploying VPNs, firewalls, or proprietary hardware. In fact, we can jointly be deployed as part of golden image on any edge server. This means we can provide our customer a turn-key solution which is secure, scalable and future-proof.

Paul Edrich, CTO, IMS Evolve. IMS manages over 2 million IoT and devices

Instantly spin up your private network, over the Internet. Connect anywhere without disrupting your WAN or adding VPNs


Eliminate custom networking hardware, VPNs, private business APNs. Don't be forced to migrate to a new SD-WAN. NetFoundry's software-only, any-WAN networking is embedded in Stack Edge. Just turn it on from the Azure Marketplace.  Simple local processing and private LTE with Stack Edge - simple global networking with embedded NetFoundry.



Don't compromise your private local IoT network by exposing it to the Internet or flat corporate networks via VPN. Use NetFoundry's zero trust security to connect anywhere, and to provide your vendors with least privileged access.  No extra gear to secure - use NetFoundry software already in Azure Stack Edge.

High performance

Get at least 200% performance improvement for most apps as compared to SD-WAN, MPLS-WAN or VPN. The underlying Fabric is managed by NetFoundry as NaaS so your private network gets the performance without you building infrastructure. The NetFoundry software in Azure Stack Edge dynamically routes across the best performing paths across multiple tier one backbones.

Zero trust security for edge and IoT networking

Don't expose your secure private LTE island with insecure VPNs - use zero trust, private networking, accessed from any Internet connection, but invisible to the Internet:

Secure Authentication = Zero Trust Network

Your IoT and application assets remain dark, even after secure authentication, due to NetFoundry's zero trust Fabric routers. Each session is micro-segmented with least privileged access from your centralized policies. The Fabric is controlled by your identities and policies, while being managed by NetFoundry as NaaS, and extending all the way to your site via Azure Stack Edge.

No Authentication = No Network.

Until secure validation, there is no data path, providing zero trust networking security. Your IoT devices and edge compute is completely dark to the Internet. NetFoundry leverages hardware root of trust and secure key exchange so you don't deal with certificate or PKI pain, while gaining secure authentication, and the ability to use any CA.

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