How do you win this tug of war? You don't. Instead, you *end the war* with Security as Code. You improve both your DevOps automation and your security.

Ziti open source + NetFoundry SaaS

Securely deliver and manage any app, anywhere, as code.

Use Ziti open source for ultimate flexibility, or leverage NetFoundry's managed SaaS fully hosted (including hosting your private Fabric Routers). NetFoundry SaaS is built on Ziti, and delivers 100s of TBs per month with no breaches and 99.95% availability SLAs.

A new art of the possible for CI/CD automation and security

Imagine the levels of automation and security you would achieve if you could make it so that every asset touched by your CI/CD pipeline was unreachable by the networks, other than when your pipeline needed access. Secure networking, controlled by your pipeline, as code.

This quick video demo shows how simple this new art of the possible can be. If you prefer to read about it, this is a nice blog post explaining how DevOps meets SecOps, resulting in automation and security.

Private Kubernetes APIs made simple

Ken and Platform9 show us how simple it can be to make Kubernetes clusters unreachable from the networks with a pure security as code approach.

Check out the video to see how "shifting left" to build in security as code gives us the automation and velocity we need, while eliminating our most important security vulnerability - the network. 

Secure your data collectors...with code

Data collectors increasingly proliferate across our DevOps landscape.  Grafana, Prometheus, Splunk, Dynatrace, Datadog...the list seems to grow each day.  Unfortunately, that usually means open firewall ports in front of the collectors, and can mean VPNs and bastions.

This video shows how to secure data collectors in a DevOps style: simple, software-only, automated.  Eliminate the VPNs and bastions.  Close your inbound firewall ports:

Secure Kubectl with built-in code

Especially since you use the Kubectl command line tool from anywhere, firewall ACLs and VPN are cumbersome. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place: network exposed K8s cluster managers, or absorb the pain of VPN, firewall rules, bastions, etc.

This video demo shows the new option. By embedding Zero Trust code into Kubectl, you use Kubectl from anywhere...except now your Kubernetes cluster managers are inaccessible from the networks.

Embed Security as Code, anywhere your apps go

The platform makes it mind blowingly simple for you securely deliver and manage any app, anywhere. You spin up Zero trust overlays like the one below, in minutes!

Fully hosted if you choose SaaS and ultimate flexibility if you choose the Ziti open source.  Get the Security as Code whitepaper here to dig into the details.

Ziti Open Source + NetFoundry SaaS

NetFoundry SaaS services are built on Ziti, and serve 100s of TBs of data per month with no breaches and 99.95% availability SLAs.


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