Your Role:

As Head of DevRel, you’ll be responsible for ‘covering the earth a foot deep in Ziti’. The main focus is bringing Ziti to specific developer communities, and bringing folks from those communities to Ziti. This includes educating, supporting and empowering the OpenZiti developer community.

This is initially an individual contributor role.  We are considering applicants from anywhere in the US, with more travel for folks who don’t live in cities with large developer communities.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Learn about the problems, opportunities, constraints, hopes and fears of the developer, operations and security communities which you will serve. This includes both going into the communities where those folks already are, and bringing more of those folks to OpenZiti forums and events.
  • Produce content such as use case specific tutorials. The goal of this content is both content marketing (so your skills in SEO and distribution are also important), and to make it simple for developers to integrate OpenZiti into their apps.
  • Plan and execute in-person meetups and events, focused on educating users and helping them solve secure networking problems with OpenZiti.
  • Help support users in our active Discourse community, answering their questions, and engaging with them to fully understand their use cases and constraints.

About You:

  • You are an excellent communicator who understands the difference between lightning and a lightning bug is one word (Mark Twain).
  • You work relentlessly to understand others, to communicate with precision and to test your understanding and the results.
  • You have been a part of at least one startup and are seeking both the opportunities and challenges which are inherent to a startup.
  • You love to learn about the problems, opportunities, constraints, hopes and fears of the developer communities which you will serve.
  • You are seeking an opportunity to do full time individual contributor DevRel work, and then use what you learn to build and lead a DevRel team.
  • You have at least one year of DevRel experience, and/or at least five years of software development experience.
  • You love to produce content such as tutorials and blogs, know how to measure content performance, and are able to quickly iterate.
  • You can plan and execute online and in-person events.
  • You have the desire and ability to learn, manage and lead…often at the same time.

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