Whitepaper: How NetFoundry is Transforming Digital Transformation

AppWANs are application-specific, application-defined, and application-centric networks of the future.

Agile app development in enterprises is working, and with more open, innovative approaches, access to more open source software, APIs, and SDKs, new business applications are being brought to market every day.

Whether improving customer experience, enhancing field service, operating factories more efficiently through IIoT, making cities smarter and neighborhoods safer – brilliant apps are becoming part of the fabric of how we live and work.

By the year 2020, more than 20 billion humans and devices will be online, connected and interacting in real time, driving the requirement to securely process data moving more dynamically and in greater volumes than we may have ever imagined.

With cognitive and “AI” fueled applications rapidly evolving, predicting events in advance will create an almost “pre-real-time” world.

Zettabytes of distributed data and metadata will be produced in this hyper-connected environment, and it is time now to rethink how networks, including the Internet, will have to adapt to keep up.

Its Time For A New Way To Network, It’s Time For AppWANs

The ability for networks to securely and reliably connect millions of applications and tens of billion endpoints through dynamically orchestrated meshes of local, edge, and cloud microservices and APIs, can’t be taken for granted. Networks can no longer be an afterthought, and applications cannot be limited by the lack of innovation in how networks are created and managed.

It is simply infeasible for today’s network architectures to securely, reliably and cost effectively scale and extend to support the hyper-connected world.

Businesses in particular need to securely and reliably extend their most critical services to the edges of the Internet. The scale of this need is being multiplied to billions because of the massive distribution of cloud, IoT, and mobility.

Meanwhile, the degree of difficulty will be multiplied by the security and performance challenges of an AI-speed, hyper-connected world.

The hyper-connected world requires a networking paradigm which is purpose-built to meet these needs.

In the hyper-connected world we envision apps running on their own private, application-specific networks, on their own “AppWAN” giving those apps the performance and economics, based on policy, which they require. The apps and services drive the networks.

Traditional networking paradigms are network-first. Today, we build general purpose networks, then figure out how to make apps work across them. This model worked for the mainframe and client-server worlds, and has sustained us for many decades. Enterprises have benefited from private, circuit-based networks, but the transformation has only just begun.

In the hyper-connected world, traditional networks won’t be able to match the pace of businesses and applications.

In the hyper-connected world, applications need to drive networks.

The NetFoundry platform enables app developers to create app-embedded networks called AppWANs. This enables businesses and developers to integrate independent, programmable networks inside of applications, which serve only those applications and the services they deliver with military-grade security and optimized performance.

NetFoundry’s AppWANs securely and reliably extend applications across the Internet, without the heaviness of legacy approaches, without the financial burdens, without the security risks, and with performance that can be managed with software by the app providers themselves.

Whitepaper: How NetFoundry is Transforming Digital Transformation

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