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At NetFoundry, we’re on a constant pursuit of knowledge and innovation. We believe in surrounding ourselves with early evangelists, thought leaders, and passionate people because these are the individuals who effect change and propel organizations forward. This is also why we choose to immerse ourselves in events that educate, inspire, and change the world.

Our final event of 2018 has arrived in the form of AIMed North America. We’re packing our bags one last time (for this year!) and are headed to Dana Point, California from December 13th through December 15th. We want to dedicate this blog to explaining what AIMed North America is and why this innovative event is so important. 

AIMed North America 2018

Have you heard of AIMed and wondered what it was? The AIMed conferences certainly stir up a lot of buzz which isn’t surprising since they’re centered around the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). AIMed North America 2018 consists of three-days dedicated to the transformative impact that AI-inspired technology is having on healthcare and is a platform designed by clinicians to showcase latest thinking and facilitate new ideas and partnerships.

The reason why this is such a unique event is because it brings together physicians, C-Suite executives, purchasers, and professionals from the worlds of medicine and data science. At first glance, this may seem like a mismatched group of people that would never crossed paths. Ironically enough, this group of people provide tremendous and impactful insight that is changing the healthcare industry.

Tapping Into Artificial Intelligence

As 2018 comes to an end, we’re anticipating the tech trends of 2019. One of the most talked about trends is AI. Granted, AI has existed for quite some time but we are now seeing a push within organizations and industries to adopt AI technology and processes.

There are three key benefits that encourage industries and organizations to adopt AI technology and processes and those benefits are cost reduction, increased efficiency, and progressive breakthroughs. Although we are witnessing a large amount of research and resources being poured into AI, it is still a relatively untapped space which implies the possibilities are limitless.

AIMed North America 2018 healthcare artificial intelligence AI

This potential of AI is what makes it so exciting for healthcare. From expanding access to healthcare to underserved regions, to developing the next generation of radiology tools, to mitigating the hassle tied to electronic health records, to advancing the use of immunotherapy for cancer treatment, the areas of opportunity for AI in healthcare are abundant. All of these examples, coupled with others we didn’t even mention, are reasons why the AIMed conferences are so appropriate and necessary right now. As AIMed Chair, Dr. Anthony Chang says, “A new biomedical world imbued with artificial intelligence will help every patient immensely.”

Attending AIMed North America 2018

Are you attending AIMed North America 2018? If you’re still considering it, we highly encourage you to register. If you choose to attend or are already registered, schedule some time to chat with our Account Executive, David Jacobs. We look forward to seeing you there!

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