At NetFoundry, our vision is to make it easy to spin up highly secure and performant global Application-Specific Networks (ASNs) that are optimized for IoT solutions. Users can spin-up globally available app-driven networks in minutes and these “AppWANs” include endpoint identity, identity and access management (IAM) policies, and Quality of Experience (QoE) policies.

iot solutions world congress netfoundryNetFoundry & IoT Solutions World Congress

Since this week at the IoT Solutions World Congress is all about use cases, the NetFoundry team is showcasing a few exciting demonstrations to showcase the power and agility of Application-Specific Networking.  More specifically, in IoT deployments, identity is critical to endpoint protection, secure access and data integrity for all real-time communications and we’ll show you how we use identity and app-context to provide highly secure and reliable connections over any network.

The main demonstration highlights using the NetFoundry web console to spin up a software-driven MultiCloud AppWAN to show superior application performance and security across any network, including the public internet. This demo highlights the application performance and responsiveness when using the NetFoundry platform for edge-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud application-specific networks.

Another unique demonstration highlights a “Smart Parking Architecture” where a local sensor needs secure access to a Remote Parking Management Application.  In this demonstration, the Neustar TDI authenticates and revokes identities in real-time while the NetFoundry platform secures and encrypts all data-in-motion from end-to-end. You can read more about Neustar TDI and NetFoundry here.

Finally, an innovative demonstrations shows a Secure Automotive Electronic Control Unit (ECU) where a smart car requires secure and reliable access over the public internet to the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.  In this demonstration, NetFoundry leverages Micron’s strong device identity and hardware roots of trust to securely and reliably deliver the automotive ECU over an unsecure network. You can read more about the Micron Authenta™ technology and NetFoundry here

Where to Find Us

As a founding company of the EdgeX Foundry, we’re in the EdgeX Foundry pavilion with other EdgeX partners, including Dell, Micron, Neustar, VMware, and others.  Come check us out at IoT Solutions World Congress in Hall 5, Booth E541 and our booth hosts will answer any questions. You can also find us on Twitter and Linkedin!

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