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Great developers are inherently lazy, that’s why our application-specific networks are easy.

It’s a long standing and well-understood compliment in the developer world. A good developer will move mountains to automate something so his future self can sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Per Larry Wall, the original author of the Perl programming language, there are three great virtues of a programmer: Laziness, Impatience and Hubris.

“Laziness: The quality that makes you go to great effort to reduce overall energy expenditure. It makes you write labor-saving programs that other people will find useful and document what you wrote so you don’t have to answer so many questions about it.

Impatience: The anger you feel when the computer is being lazy. This makes you write programs that don’t just react to your needs, but actually anticipate them. Or at least pretend to.

Hubris: The quality that makes you write (and maintain) programs that other people won’t want to say bad things about.”

These are the virtues of the team we’ve assembled at NetFoundry and we’re continuing to grow. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, spanning VOIP and real-time communications, financial applications, and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

We’ve seen the need for, and experienced the pain of dealing with secure and performant networking over the Internet and decided to do something about it for ourselves and for others experiencing these challenges. Whether it’s securely connecting public and private clouds, making the Internet “Fit for IoT” through hidden and isolated networks, or embedding the network directly inside the application, we’re making application-specific networks as simple as a button press or API integration.

That’s why we are building our application-specific networking platform, and why we invented AppWANs.

Makers innovate. They learn-by-doing, to quickly create new and innovative solutions. AppWANs bring instant high-end secure, private networks to makers and high end technology houses, making our technology accessible to all.  Using NetFoundry’s underlying management and orchestration platform developers can quickly snap together network overlays using combinations from a growing list of ready components from NetFoundy as well extending to provide custom network endpoints.

Application-Specific Networks Are Easy

Through easy integration with DevOps tooling, to rapid prototyping available to the maker community, intuitive interaction paradigms and APIs are targeted to software developers, who may not have a wealth of low-level networking expertise, and to network engineers who firmly understand the challenges of rolling out, monitoring, troubleshooting, and extending traditional and software-defined networks.

We are developers ourselves. We’ve been looking for a better way to connect things, and are now in position to deliver that better way to other developers.

We hire people who think and act like the developers, people who understand how big a deal it is to be empowered to build their own networks “inside” their apps.

We are makers, and we know that if we can combine the reach, resiliency, and economics of the Internet with software that overlays private application-specific networks on top, we can arm makers with “instant on” networking that transcends existing models like MPLS and VPNs.

Read The Whitepaper To Learn More

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