AppWANs for MultiCloud

NetFoundry AppWANs for Multicloud enable instant creation of cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-edge connected solutions across the internet, using any access provider, eliminating the costs of expanding private networks and infrastructure to each cloud without sacrificing security or performance.

What is MultiCloud?

As organizations across the globe rush to digitally transform, most are moving beyond hybrid cloud environments to multicloud architectures as an increasing percentage of IT infrastructure is being virtualized.

At the same time, multicloud environments are gaining in popularity with the growth of XaaS, or everything-as-a-service, where IT teams often serve as "cloud brokers", helping business units determine the best deployment and management models for different business applications including CRM, ERP, HR systems, collaboration platforms, e-commerce, web, and mobile applications.

Whether driven by digital transformation, everything-as-a-service, or both; it is clear that some clouds are better than others for particular purposes, and the necessity of cloud-spanning networks is an inevitability regardless of industry or size.


The NetFoundry Solution

Managing connectivity between multiple clouds in various geographies, each providing different services to different endpoints, is becoming increasingly complex, risky, and expensive. As organizations move to take advantage of the infrastructure and applications available in the cloud, they are finding that traditional network solutions do not offer the same "instant on" provisioning and elasticity that cloud providers enable for virtual machines, resulting in delays, frustration, and increased total cost of ownership. In fact, problematic connectivity can ultimately reverse the benefits derived from moving workloads to the cloud in the first place.

NetFoundry AppWANs for Multicloud enable instant creation of cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-edge private network fabrics over existing internet circuits

NetFoundryís self-service platform is ready when you are and is delivered as a suite of hardened services, standalone client drivers, and user-friendly console with statuses and metrics. You will use the orchestration console to define your AppWANs which are a logical abstraction of the underlying network in much the same way that containers and virtual machines abstract applications from underlying compute infrastructure. Our customers quickly and easily spin up highly secure, performant, application-specific networks at scale, where application contexts define the networking which connects them.

The components within our orchestration console were designed to make building and augmenting AppWANs easy and seamless. For example, our virtual gateways, which connect your AppWANs to cloud instances, come pre-built to integrate quickly and seamlessly with popular providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Bluemix. They are also available as VMIs for ESXi 5.0 or greater for more custom deployments.


Improve Performance & Security of Cloud-Based Applications

NetFoundry AppWANs for Multicloud make stubborn, legacy applications cloud-portable with a layered security architecture that isolates and protects data flows through a data stream fragmentation (aggregation and disaggregation) and military-grade encryption. The result is a private, dark, zero-trust network, protecting you and your customers from edge-to-edge.

NetFoundry AppWANs automatically adapt to network conditions and route traffic via the best performing paths and transport protocol. For example, given the platform may encapsulate TCP in the inherently more performant UDP and thereby dramatically outperform traditional single-path VPNs in terms of throughput and latency.

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Featured Customer Spotlight

Alliance Technology Group

The world is changing rapidly. The way digital experiences inspire and enable customer engagement is evolving at break-neck speeds. Responding to meet these changes requires more than just a mobile app and a website, it requires a business service architecture focused on modularization, enabling agility across the entire company ecosystem. As a result, applications and services are moving to highly distributed, multi-cloud, inter-dependent microservices and APIs, while network edges are no longer defined by physical locations, but by application endpoints.

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