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Next-Gen Connectivity Platforms

NetFoundry & Technilium Increase Business Value From IT Networks

Partnership Overview

Technilium is a network connectivity provider offering simple and secure end-to-end communication solutions for clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. Technilium service and solution offerings allow businesses to leverage more agile IT communication networks with improved security, governance and compliance capabilities.

NetFoundry and Technilium have partnered to provide next generation connectivity platforms in the region to enable businesses to increase business value from their IT networks.

Solution Overview

Simple and Secure End-to-End Communications

    • Technilium offers clients the opportunity to simplify and leverage their IT communications networks to enable them to quickly, simply, securely and easily:
    • • Connect to single or hybrid cloud provider(s).
    • • Manage their distributed data and applications transparently without complex or expensive IT network infrastructure or expertise. VPN free.
    • • Setup and connect new offices or remote sites over a secure private network fabric with Internet connectivity.
    • • Simplify B2B and B2C connectivity using private application specific networks without any requirement to share keys or setup multiple VPN connections.
    • • Apply necessary regulatory, reporting or other compliance requirements to fully secured network communications.