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NetFoundry & Radius Offer Co-Branded Application Delivery Solution

Partnership Overview

Radius is the only telecommunications carrier in the Philippines that delivers its services on an end-to-end fiber optic platform. This offering enables local and international carriers and service providers to run business applications over a robust, reliable, and secure network.

NetFoundry (NaaS) built a global software platform which enables customers to simply and powerfully orchestrate network resources, without building and managing the underlying compute (which NetFoundry provides in a consumption-based, as-a-service model). The resulting solution allows customers to spin up a global, secure, private, cloud-orchestrated network in minutes, and embed or integrate the networking with their applications or services.

Together, NetFoundry and Radius’ co-branded connectivity and app solution requires no hardware or physical networks, making it stand out from traditional approaches. Organizations can spin-up Zero Trust, application-specific networks in minutes, even in a multi-application environment, that integrates seamlessly with leading DevOps tools while simultaneously providing reliable cloud connectivity.

Solution Overview

Performant, Reliable, and Secure Connectivity Solutions

    • NetFoundry and Radius deliver fast connectivity and customized solutions. Organizations will experience many advantages from this partnership:
    • • 100% Pure Fiber: Operates a robust pure fiber network, with end-to-end all fiber service delivery.
    • • Globally Certified: A member of Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), and is 2.0 certified.
    • • 99.9% Higher Service Availability: Versus the industry standard of 99.5%.
    • • NaaS: Your applications will control private, Zero Trust, high-performance connections across the Internet.
    • • Connectivity as Code: Embed programmable connectivity into your app with our SDKs, integrate into your DevOps tools with our APIs, or use our web console to instantly deploy software endpoints anywhere you need connectivity.