We are bringing the cloud closer to Myanmar!

NetFoundry & Campana team to offer Application Specific Networking solutions for the first time to Myanmar

Partnership Overview

Campana is committed to building a digital future throughout its own fiber infrastructure network through terrestrial and submarine cable topologies in Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore. Our offering enables local and international carriers and service providers to run business applications over a robust, reliable, and secure network.

The NetFoundry software platform enables customers to simply and powerfully orchestrate global networking, without building and managing the underlying networks (the NetFoundry Network Fabric in included in the solution as Network-as-a-Service (NaaS)).

The resulting solution allows customers to spin up private, zero trust, cloud-orchestrated networks in minutes, and embed or integrate the networking with specific applications or services.  This enables businesses to optimize individual apps, sites or clouds, without disrupting their WAN.

NetFoundry and Campanas’ unique solution requires no specific hardware or dedicated circuits, while providing market leading performance, SASE security and cloud-orchestrated agility.  Myanmar customers can now connect private, zero trust, high performance networking to any edge or cloud, over the Internet.

Solution Overview

Agile, Performant, Secure and Cost Effective Connectivity Solutions

Agile: Instant, scalable private networks across the public internet with web-based management & software to connect any endpoint (SDKs for apps and embedded systems; thin clients for personal compute and mobile; VMs and containers for site and cloud gateways). 

Performant: Throughput and latency optimized, across the NetFoundry Fabric, from any Internet connection.

Secure: Zero Trust, SASE architecture networks with least privileged access, encryption and app level micro segmentation.

Cost Effective: On demand and consumption based.  No hardware or telco network limitations.  Get better than private line security, agility and performance...over any Internet connection.