Game-Changing, Smart Connectivity Solutions

NetFoundry & BalanceOn Enabling Customers to Become Cloud Native & Digital

Partnership Overview

BalanceOn Technologies is a specialized Managed Services Provider (MSP) who are experts in cloud connectivity solutions and cloud services, combining 50 years of experiences and practice to offer scalable & agile technology solutions tailored to match almost every sector need. BalanceOn supports its customers’ cloud-migration, business transformation, and digitalization journey at all levels.

NetFoundry and BalanceOn have partnered to bring next-generation networking to the Middle East and Africa regions.The partnership focuses on providing game-changing, smart connectivity solutions that are instant, simple, secure, cost-sensitive, and performant so their customers can become cloud-native and digital.

Solution Overview

Define Your Digital Transformation

BalanceOn has found that many customers face business challenges due to connectivity and connecting distributed apps synonymous with digital transformation – e.g. multi, hybrid and cloud-native apps, internet-distributed apps (IoT) and B2B or connected supply chain.

BalanceOn is committed to answer their customers’ business needs via their partnership with NetFoundry:

  • The combination of BalanceOn and NetFoundry pairs a leader in the design and delivery of connectivity and managed services with the leader in app-specific, connectivity-as-code.

  • With NetFoundry, BalanceOn’s existing and future customers benefit from being able to instantly spin up software-only overlay connectivity on existing Internet access which is cloud-native, highly secure, and meets enterprise performance requirements by optimizing traffic through the NetFoundry fabric which comes via 3 offer-ings; AnyCloudOn, AnyIoTOn, & AnyBusinessOn.

  • With NetFoundry, BalanceOn developed smart-connectivity services, which are compatible to the cloud journeys their customers are taking while enabling these businesses to be highly secure and deliver the enterprise performance their apps require.