Next-Gen, Cloud Native IT Infrastructures

NetFoundry & BA Partner to Provide App-Specific Networking to Customers

Partnership Overview

BA is a company that specializes in devising, building, securing, maintaining and troubleshooting the IT infrastructure that our digital society needs today and tomorrow. One of their main product offerings is CSaaS (“Common Sense as A Service”) and they have a wealth of experience with open source technologies. They have lots of first hand experience in how legacy network approaches are not compatible with businesses and society becoming digital. Their CSaaS solution is to use NetFoundry to provide private and direct overlay networks over the internet which are simple and quick to deploy, highly secure and performant, requires no proprietary hardware, and are both DevOps and open-source compatible.

WIth NetFoundry’s Application Specific Networking, BA can provide its customers with programmable, software-only overlay connectivity to easily connect their apps between any devices and any clouds. This builds upon BA’s portfolio of enterprise mobility, security, virtualization, and digitization of information to remove application connectivity barriers and become agile, portable, massively distributed and unleash enterprise innovation.

Solution Overview

Become a Digital Organization

  • BA and NetFoundry work with partners to devise, build, and maintain IT infrastructures which are next-generation cloud-native allowing rapid business reinvention, enhanced customer experience, ensuring trust and compliance while improving operational excellence.

  • Netfoundry’s solutions allows BA to solve a myriad of network and security problems in software without having to invest in hardware.

  • NetFoundry and BA bring a new approach to networking which distributes network capability to wherever apps need them, independent of underlying infrastructure. Fundamentally, this will help BA to solve many of our customers headaches, become digital organizations, and get the most value from their apps and data.