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NetFoundry & DigitalOcean Give Developers the Power to Securely Scale & Deliver Apps

Partnership Overview

DigitalOcean introduced the developer cloud which makes it simple for developers and organizations to launch in the cloud and scale up as they grow. It doesn’t matter if you’re running one virtual machine or ten thousand - DigitalOcean has the powerful capability to handle it all.

Now that NetFoundry™ is onboarding with DigitalOcean, our software allows companies spin up their network in minutes via web console and APIs while client software connects user devices across a global network fabric from any Internet connection. The application has become the network endpoint. Network endpoints are no longer just physical locations. Developers are looking for ways to secure their apps without relying on the network. With NetFoundry’s™ connectivity-as-code model, developers can insert NetFoundry’s™ Zero Trust platform directly into their app with our SDK and APIs. NetFoundry™ enables secure network deployment to move at the speed of cloud.

NetFoundry™ is now available as a 1-click application on the DigitalOcean Marketplace. DigitalOcean’s Marketplace is a platform that connects developers with easy-to-use, partner-built solutions to simplify and accelerate app development, deployment, and scaling. The DigitalOcean Marketplace features a focused ecosystem of partner-built apps, pre-configured software, and infrastructure stacks.

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Solution Overview

Deploy and Scale Seamlessly

    • DigitalOcean’s optimized configuration process saves your team time when running and scaling distributed applications, AI & machine learning workloads, hosted services, client websites, or CI/CD environments. With DigitalOcean, you can:
    • • Deploy: Spin up a managed Kubernetes cluster in just a few clicks, choose the right infrastructure for your workload, quickly deploy projects using one of our preconfigured 1-Click Apps, and deploy to any of our data center locations.
  • • Scale: Quickly scale up, scale down, or migrate to different Droplet types to meet the demands of your customers, keep your application up and running smoothly by distributing traffic across Droplets, redirect network traffic between your Droplets using a Floating IP, and with hourly billing, only pay for the resources that you actually use.
  • • Store: Provision a managed database in just a few clicks, Store and retrieve any amount of data, including audio, video, images, and log files using DigitalOcean Spaces, attach additional SSD-based storage to your Droplets for your databases or file storage, and capture backups and snapshots of your Droplets to store server images or automatically scale your system.
  • • Secure: Easily secure your infrastructure and instantly define what services are visible on all of your Droplets, enable communication between Droplets in the same datacenter, and invite team members to collaborate, ensure security with two-factor auth, and control your resources with centralized billing.
  • • Monitor: Monitor system-level metrics in the same place you manage your infrastructure, view summary stats and time series graphs of resource usage for your Kubernetes cluster, database, or individual Droplet nodes, and receive alerts via Slack or email whenever a metric crosses your specified threshold and critical issues arise in your infrastructure.