Agile, Secure Connectivity

Partnership Overview

Redfaire is focused exclusively on creating operational excellence with ERP data management and digital automation solutions designed to integrate with, and fully leverage JD Edwards’ application and technology layers. Redfaire is a leading Oracle JD Edwards partner. Redfaire offers a full range of JD Edwards services such as, upgrades, optimisation, data management and Cloud migrations. Redfaire International, Redfaire’s international division, delivers large-scale, international ERP rollouts. By using JD Edwards innovations such as orchestrations, watchlists and UDOs, Redfaire helps its clients to automate and simplify core processes so they can focus on innovation and growing their business.

Solution Overview

Redfaire and NetFoundry are collaborating to provide agile, secure connectivity for their customers’ JD Edwards environments. Redfaire enhances and extends JD Edwards including hosting in Oracle Cloud, while NetFoundry removes the cost and complexity of secure networking, providing a zero trust cloud-orchestrated, software-only solution to connect users to their JD Edwards software.