SDN Connect

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Partnership Overview

Dialog Axiata PLC is the largest and fastest growing mobile telecommunications network in Sri Lanka, serving over 14.9 million subscribers. With a vision to be the Next Generation Digital Champion by 2024, Dialog has transformed itself from a holding entity with a portfolio of pure-play mobile assets into a Triple Core Strategy-driven business focusing on Digital Telco, Digital Businesses and Infrastructure.

Solution Overview

Dialog is partnering with NetFoundry to introduce SDN Connect, powered by NetFoundry, an affordable enterprise-class, zero-trust networking suite for local businesses in Sri Lanka. This suite enables users to access their business applications from anywhere with zero trust security-based network/application/host access.

1. WFA SDN Connect:
With NetFoundry NaaS, set up a network for work-from-anywhere users to access corporate applications remotely with zero trust network & application access, allowing you to have full control over the network. The agility and simplicity of the setup and management makes the solution stand out from traditional technologies like VPN or firewall-based solutions. The AI & ML based routing optimization enhances the user’s quality of experience (QOE) and improves productivity with the new normal remote working structure.

2. Store SDN Connect:
Connect retails stores, POS machines and PCs to the core applications hosted over any cloud environments or local Data Centers with zero trust security. The NetFoundry NaaS platform is cost-effective as it allows businesses to efficiently connect and manage large number of outlets, modernizing the traditional retail set up. This model can also be extended to connect small and distributed offices as well.

3. Cloud SDN Connect:
Protect critical workloads with a highly secure connection between private cloud, public cloud or data centers via NetFoundry NaaS. The platform automatically adapts to network conditions and route traffic via the best performing paths and transport protocol, dramatically outperform traditional single-path VPNs in terms of throughput and latency. Customers can now choose a cheaper hosting region without worrying about latency and performance.

4. App Embedded ZTN:
A special offering for software and app developers. The NetFoundry connectivity as-a-code Developer Platform offers SDKs, APIs, and Zero Trust connectors to enable modern applications to embed Zero Trust security and optimized performance, regardless of where the apps go, including mobile, edge, IoT, and service meshes.

5. Cloud Migrate:
Accelerate your cloud migration by connecting and scaling without complex VPNs or private circuits via NetFoundry NaaS platform. Simply spin up networks instantly using virtual gateways that are prebuilt for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other common cloud platforms in a matter of minutes.