NetFoundry and CLIXLogic

NetFoundry has enabled CLIXLogic to provide programmable, cloud-native, zero trust, embeddable networking

Partnership Overview

CLIXLogic, Inc.™ , is one of The Philippines’ most reliable and experienced Technology Solutions and Maintenance Services provider. Over the span of 16 years, starting out in 2005 as a ups turn-key solutions and maintenance provider, CLIXLogic has evolved into a reliable and recognized technology solutions and after-sales service maintenance solutions provider, today. CLIXLogic delivers a broad gamut of global technology solutions with a focus on BPOs, construction and real estate developers, e-gaming, education, government, hospitality, manufacturing, pharma, residential and commercial buildings and telcos.

The partnership with NetFoundry has enabled CLIXLogic to provide programmable, cloud-native, zero trust, embeddable networking. We ensure the highest levels of data protection for our customers by building security into every facet of their IT environment.

Solution Overview

Together, our joint customers can take control of their networking and security today to enable more decentralized innovation and securely connect their people and devices to the services they need to access. To facilitate the growth of companies in the digital economy, the NetFoundry and ClixLogic joint solution supports multiple use cases with a single cloud native solution.

• Mitigate Ransomware/Malware – NetFoundry’s zero trust networking prevents ransomware/malware from propagating and expanding with least privileged access and micro segmentation. Establish zero trust security from any endpoint - including IoT and mobile; security at your branches, private data centers and cloud edges.

• App embedded security – Improve the security of applications by embedding zero trust into apps with open SDKs and streamline app delivery with integrations into popular devops tooling.

• Enterprise data replication & multicloud interconnect – With the NetFoundry platform, businesses are able to instantly spin up and rapidly scale software-only private networks across the Internet with pre-built, cloud-native endpoints designed to seamlessly integrate with any platform, including identity management.

• Remote worker solution - The solution helps organizations in optimizing performance and enabling access to networks from any internet connection, irrespective of the locations, with better QoE over Internet compared to MPLS, SD-WAN or VPN.

• Simplify and automate network management - IT gets centralized, application-specific, cloud orchestrated controls while NetFoundry manages the infrastructure-as-a-service.

• Comprehensive as-a-service IoT secure networking - Overcoming the challenges of IoT and achieving full potential with Ziti-fied Teltonika boxes.