Alibaba Cloud Zero Trust Networking

Zero trust networking as a service from NetFoundry creates secure private access to Alibaba Cloud

Partnership Overview

Alibaba Cloud operates 69 availability zones in 23 regions around the world and has 2,800+ Content Delivery Network (CDN) nodes in more than 70 countries. With the launch of local edge nodes, Alibaba cloud has been transforming the traditional cloud, opening up a new range of possibilities. These include the large deployment of cloud-native technology with container services, a new style of application development and business scaling to deliver the type of extreme scalability and efficiency required by modern businesses.

Connecting to the Alibaba Cloud is now extremely simple. NetFoundry enables businesses to instantly spin up zero trust, high performance, application-specific global networks at scale. Using NetFoundry’s cloud-native orchestration tools, Alibaba customers can easily and effectively deploy private networks as easily as they spin up Alibaba Cloud instances.

Solution Overview

NetFoundry’s Zero Trust Network Platform is available for purchase on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. With this pre-integration customers can accelerate their on-ramp into the Alibaba Cloud and enhance their hybrid/multi cloud and strategic digital initiatives.

This service includes:
• A 1 Gbps virtual circuit to Alibaba Cloud, at a fraction of the cost of an MPLS network.
• Simple set up, pay as you go billing, all infrastructure managed by NetFoundry
• Unlimited data routing across the virtual global fabric
• Virtual NetFoundry routers, available in the Alibaba marketplace, terminate circuits in Alibaba Cloud
• Software-only, can be deployed in the business network as a VM or container, to originate client connections to Alibaba Cloud
• Up to 3 software clients to connect user devices or IoT devices via the virtual circuit
• Global software-defined fabric, managed by NetFoundry as Network-as-a-Service
(NaaS), provides zero trust, high-performance connectivity between the business and Alibaba Cloud
• Zero trust networking between business locations, users, devices or applications and Alibaba Cloud over any Internet connection

NetFoundry delivers private connections to Alibaba Cloud without the friction of MPLS, and the lack of agility and performance constraints of VPNs. Implemented as a software-defined agile NaaS platform, with pay as you go billing, Alibaba Cloud customers no longer must manage network infrastructure, and can instead focus on connecting users to the resources and applications hosted in Alibaba Cloud.

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