Open source options add to existing NaaS services, providing cloud native application developer and DevOps teams with more flexibility

KUBECON 2019 San Diego, California, November 19  – Cloud native applications can now easily embed cloud native networking. The NetFoundry Developer Platform enables private, secure, high performance networking to be embedded in applications.

The NetFoundry Developer Platform offers SDKs, APIs, and Zero Trust connectors to enable modern applications to embed Zero Trust security and optimized performance, regardless of where the apps go, including mobile, edge, IoT, and service meshes.

Anand R, Director at Microsoft, said:

“The NetFoundry Developer platform with connectivity-as-code and SDK allows seamless integration with Microsoft Kaizala line of business applications to securely connect with cloud and backend data center applications.”

Developer Platform Integrates with Global, Zero Trust, Performance Optimizing Fabric

Applications leverage the NetFoundry Fabric – the world’s largest dynamic, Zero Trust, performance optimizing Internet overlay – to get “day zero security and performance.” This day zero paradigm eliminates dependencies on after-the-fact security and performance engineering, and enables a new art of the possible in app development.

Applications leverage the NetFoundry Fabric from any Internet access, so they benefit from Zero Trust security and optimized performance anywhere they go – including B2B and connected supply chain – with no reliance on dedicated networks.

The apps dynamically spin up private overlays which enable private to private interworking, over the Internet, without requiring the complexity of VPNs and NATs.

Ecosystem for Zero Trust Security, DevOps Automation and Cloud Native Networking

Today at KubeCon 2019, NetFoundry, the leader in cloud native, Zero Trust networking, announced that the NetFoundry Developer Platform is now generally available (GA), including open source options. The GA follows a beta which included customer pilots and integrations with Microsoft Kaizala, Micron Authenta™,, CloudBees, NetApp, Intel, NodeWeaver, LokBlok, OpenEMR, IMS Evolve, Dell, and leading blockchain, security, cloud, and IoT solutions.

Key ecosystem integrations enable silicon-to-cloud security.

“Micron® Authenta-enabled flash and its security-as-a-service Key Management System (KMS) adds a trusted and hardware-based layer in the IoT device, delivering important safeguards for the NetFoundry platform,” said Jeff Shiner, director for IoT Security Solutions for Micron’s Embedded Business Unit. “Integrating Authenta APIs with NetFoundry’s platform allows customers to easily activate devices to secure silicon-to-cloud connections for edge and IoT workloads.”

In addition, NetFoundry announced it has joined CNCF, in the cloud native networking category. Dan Kohn, executive director of the CNCF, stated:

“NetFoundry played an important role as a founding member of the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry for Industrial IoT and Edge, and we look forward to them bringing a similar commitment to collaboration within CNCF.”

Sree Sarva, NetFoundry Head of Product, stated:

“We are excited to work with the CNCF community to extend east-west service mesh security and automation principles to north-south data flows, so containerized and service mesh environments can extend anywhere based on business policies, leveraging user identity, root of trust, and application context. Apps hosted in service-meshes can now seamlessly and securely connect with users and edges while adhering to Zero Trust principles.”

The NetFoundry Developer Platform Enables ISVs to Eliminate VPNs and Developers to Control Networking Without Managing it

Galeal Zino, CEO of NetFoundry Inc. stated:

“Traditionally, developers didn’t control networking because the proper abstractions didn’t exist.  That put apps at the mercy of legacy networking constructs such as VPNs – constructs which are being broken by edge, cloud and service mesh applications. Networking has become a barrier to app innovation and automation. Our Developer Platform enables developers, network engineers, DevOps, and cloud teams to break through this barrier by programmatically controlling private, secure, high performance networking.”

This means ISVs, cloud native businesses can replace complex, performance-impairing VPN connections between their app backends and their business customers. Todd Doane, Solution Architect at OmniSYS, a leading pharmaceutical ISV, stated:

“NetFoundry enables Zero Trust, secure and reliable communication between our customers and our software services, no matter where the client or the host are connected.  It has allowed us to further secure our front end and back end service without putting a giant burden on our network support team.”

NetFoundry NaaS Provides Enterprises with Simple, Secure, Performant Connectivity for Use Cases Ranging from Cloud to IoT to SaaS

NetFoundry NaaS provides enterprise with high performance, Zero Trust, application-specific networking. NetFoundry is available in cloud marketplaces such as AWS, Azure and Hitachi Enterprise Cloud.

Chris Sullivan, VP and Head of Hitachi Enterprise Cloud, stated:

“Enabling NetFoundry NaaS into HEC means that we can further add value for our customers and resolve their challenges in connecting distributed cloud-native Istio applications to embed private network benefits and Zero Trust security over any internet connect – and therefore remove need for MPLS, VPNs, jump-servers and bastion hosts.”

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced NetFoundry as the only cloud native networking solution to be selected as a preferred partner for Office 365 optimization, and one of only five O365 preferred networking partners in the world.

Visit NetFoundry Booth SE3 at Kubecon to see “Apps are the new Edge,” “secure-by-design applications,” demos and enter developer contests. Please visit to learn more.

NetFoundry Inc. is the leader in cloud native, Zero Trust networking, enabling applications to get Zero Trust security and high performance over the Internet.  NetFoundry’s NaaS services provide on-demand, software-only, cloud-orchestrated connectivity.  NetFoundry’s Developer Platform enables developers, ISVs and solution providers to embed private networking inside their applications, eliminating VPN and MPLS infrastructure and dependencies, and enabling their applications to be private, secure and performant anywhere they go.  NetFoundry Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, NC with sites in Singapore, Bangalore, London, New York and San Jose.

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