As the incredible events of 2020 continue to unfold across the globe, we have learned a few interesting things.

  • The boundaries between “at work” and “not at work” have been obliterated
  • 74% of organizations are preparing for a second wave of the pandemic1
  • Work is transforming into new hybrid digital environments as the reality of remote everything become permanent
  • Reliable, secure connectivity everywhere and anywhere is now a business imperative, and a prerequisite for remote employees to be productive in today’s hybrid digital workspaces
  • Forward-thinking organizations have moved beyond thinking of “work” as a location
  • Every remote employee and device connecting to the network is a new branch location
  • Many organizations are implementing long-term virtual work solutions to support the next normal

The first wave response to the avalanche of work from anywhere demonstrated that the security, high cost, and performance weaknesses of legacy 20 year old technologies (VPNs, MPLS, APNs) has rendered them obsolete. Forward looking innovators are adopting zero trust network access (ZTNA) solutions – now! Learn more with this free eBook.

But what is the next normal?

The next normal treats work as outcomes, prioritizing results over where, how, or when work is performed. Keeping pace with this direction means adopting hybrid approaches that merge physical workplaces (the office), and virtual tele-presence (work from anywhere), with access over the Internet via digital collaboration tools to connects teams together.    (Ex. Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom Video etc.)  

In the next normal, laptops and tablets are the new branch offices. Your apps now run in multiple edges and in multiple clouds, and this distributed infrastructure operates as your data centers. Virtual teams cannot collaborate without connectivity. In the next normal, connectivity is everything – lose your Internet connection or experience a network degradation and work pretty much grinds to a halt, or at a minimum, employee productivity nose dives.  We detail this trend in this new eBook.

Traditional VPNs struggle with this reality – they are slow and cumbersome to set up and difficult to manage. In short, they lack the agility and ease of management required to be effective in the next normal and they will stifle innovation and impede progress rather than accelerate it.

Transformation comes to the Network

The virtual company is becoming a permanent part of the global economy. Successful virtual organizations have transformed their network architecture to provide agile high-quality reliable connectivity with robust network security to their employees. Zero trust and secure access service edge (SASE) technologies are being deployed as organizations re-structure their infrastructure to support work from anywhere for the long term.

This re-structuring optimizes spending and business operations as part of a long-term strategy by:

  • converging physical office and virtual collaboration with a common, elastic, and agile networking platform
  • deploying business continuity solutions by future-proofing the network to support a distributed workforce
  • enhancing remote worker productivity by routing traffic over a global Internet overlay fabric that optimize routing dynamically to ensure great performance
  • bolstering system security with ZTNA platforms and SASE capabilities
  • ensuring customer experience does not suffer as the workforce is highly distributed

Organizations can execute their work from anywhere strategy by transforming their network with NetFoundry – a zero-trust Networking-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution built for the hybrid digital workplace. NetFoundry can be deployed in hours and because it is delivered as NaaS, NetFoundry manages all the infrastructure – freeing up your resources from administering legacy hardware to focus on building innovation.

Transform your network and set the foundation for your long-term work from anywhere strategy. Your employees gain seamless connectivity to applications from anywhere, while advancing your overall security posture. Embed security and performance into your company’s core business applications. Policy-based access controls and micro-segmentation enable you to proactively manage all user connections, ensuring employees, partners and contractors can only access resources they are entitled to – nothing else.

Because NetFoundry is offered as-a-Service, organizations can realize the agility and flexibility benefits of ZTNA in a fraction of the time and cost of implementing traditional VPNs or SD-WAN solutions. Ultimately, NetFoundry will transform your networking infrastructure and accelerate employee productivity in the next normal.  

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