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Instantly connect IoT to fog, core, and cloud over any Internet connection. NetFoundry seamlessly integrates with leading identity & platform providers to ensure secure, context-driven IoT networking anywhere.

To Boldly Go Where No Thing Has Gone Before

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) comprise a new frontier with enormous implications. In today's world, information is power, and IoT's potential for changing how we live and work has thrust it to the forefront. But, this comes with its own challenges for developers, enterprises, and end-users alike as they seek to create, deploy, secure, and integrate new technologies and solutions into their everyday lives.

Networking in the IoT world has proven to be difficult. It is slow and expensive to work with telecom carriers to deploy custom hardware, circuits, and VPNs. Since SD-WAN and VPN architectures weren't designed for the IoT application topology, you're saddled with complex security problems trying to bandage together old architectures to meet the needs of the new application topology.

SD-WAN is great for 'on-net' data, the data you can bookend between SD-WAN CPEs. However, it doesn't work well with your IoT data. You can't deploy custom SD-WAN CPE appliances at every IoT, data center, and cloud site. To further complicate things, SD-WAN uses legacy VPN technology to carry the data. Good enough some of the time, but not all the time. Every network administrator knows the nightmares associated with trying to scale VPN connections and hardware, especially at scale.

NetFoundry unleashes IoT from telco constraints, complex and cumbersome legacy VPN architectures, hardware, and the security problems that come from trying to tie it all together.

The NetFoundry Solution

NetFoundry makes it possible to instantly connect IoT to fog, core, and cloud at scale over any Internet connection. Use our API integrations with leading identity and platform providers to get integrated solutions with identity-secured and context-driven IoT networking. We enable context-specific, micro-segmented networking while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional VPNs.

Harnessing the power of our platform, orchestration tools, and the context-specific nature of AppWANs, administrators and partners can easily establish software-only, zero trust, identity-driven networks with application and device specificity at scale. IoT AppWANs are secure-by-design, leveraging software defined perimeter (SDP) architectures, least privilege access, and virtual network function (VNF) architectures to secure, protect, and isolate your IoT app from attacks such as DDoS, Man-in-the-Middle, botnets, and spoofing.

Trusted Partnerships

The NetFoundry platform is perfect for IoT solutions providers, integrators, IoT management software vendors, and device manufacturers. NetFoundry can be embedded in applications and devices themselves to ensure identity in even the most stringent compliance environments. NetFoundry provides zero-touch onboarding so that each IoT endpoint can be provisioned to automatically accesses network-wide services and resources based on defined policy with infinite scalability.

We recently partnered with Micron, and, leveraging their device identity and hardware roots of trust, developed a solution with AppWANs that secure communications between connected car IoT and the cloud. Integron, a healthcare IoT leader managing over one million devices, selected NetFoundry to integrate into its healthcare IoT security strategy, ensuring the protection of personal medical data. The partnership allows Integron to embed the NetFoundry platform within their managed service solution, providing improved flexibility, configurability, and time-to-market control for IoT private networks, and IoT security for their deployments.

Partner, vendor, and device integration is central to our story. NetFoundry is a founding member of the Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry. Their vision is to create a common interoperability framework that enables an ecosystem of plug-and-play, 'EdgeX Certified' components.

Improve Performance & Ensure Security

Traditionally, the network has coarse idea of the context or identity of application flows. Structures for identity and policy are often independently managed on the app side as well as the network side, largely because the two sides don't talk. Thus, security vulnerabilities are exposed in the attempt to manage two sets of policies, and the manual, hard-coded nature of network-side VLANs and firewall rules.

By embedding the network directly into the device and/or application, identity drives policy and ultimately controls the network. This secure identity is used to provide end-to-end authentication, provisioning, policy, and networking. The device, identity, application, and network collaborate for identity-secured IoT networking across any set of networks and clouds in a software-only, centrally managed solution.

NetFoundry eases onboarding, scale, and enables agility, across a layered security architecture that isolates and protects data flows through a data stream fragmentation (aggregation and disaggregation) and military-grade encryption. The result is a private, dark, zero-trust network, protecting you, your devices, and your customers from edge-to-edge.

Advanced Resiliency
for Improved QoE

In IoT, resiliency is important, particularly when moving massive amounts of data with latency sensitivity. NetFoundry AppWANs automatically adapt to network conditions and route traffic via the best performing paths and transport protocol. For example, given the platform may encapsulate TCP in the inherently more performant UDP and thereby dramatically outperform traditional single-path VPNs in terms of throughput and latency.

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