NetFoundry for Branch Connections

Securely and reliably connect your branch offices without telco constraints, VPNs, MPLS circuits or custom SD-WAN CPE.

Unlock Your Network's Potential

Traditional networking approaches such as MPLS, SD-WAN, and IP VPNs can't adequately meet the challenges of today. They're often location, hardware, and service-provider specific, shackling you to a carrier or vendor whose proprietary technology or footprint could impede your business' growth and innovation. Thriving in a world of constant digital transformation requires agile networking, where the only constraint on the network's reach is you.

In the past, companies were forced to cobble together a combination of MPLS, SD-WAN, and VPNs to connect office locations. Managing the vendor partnerships to accomplish this successfully requires massive overhead and complex network topologies, introducing security vulnerabilities and slowing expansion.

NetFoundry's platform and AppWANs replace the need for private circuits, proprietary hardware, and telco solutions. All it requires is an Internet connection. We remove the infrastructure and push the perimeter to the application, device, office, and/or user endpoints. This simplifies connectivity at scale while enabling granular, zero trust security that meets and exceeds even the most stringent compliance standards.

The NetFoundry Solution

The NetFoundry platform utilizes a redundant network mesh and eliminates old complicated telco solutions, enabling each branch to communicate directly with any other branch, cloud provider, partner, IoT deployment, individual, device, or data center you virtually place on the AppWAN. Our design approach results in increased network resiliency, better security, broader reach, faster on-boarding, and improved performance. Our customers typically eliminate their expensive MPLS circuits entirely, replacing them with less expensive and more ubiquitous Internet connections.

NetFoundry's software defined perimeter (SDP) architecture and overlay topology enables zero trust topologies and ensures more robust security than traditional MPLS connections, even over the Internet.

Forget the Hardware

Since NetFoundry's AppWANs are software-only, customers can leverage the security and resiliency of the provider-agnostic NetFoundry platform to quickly open a branch anywhere with Internet access. In fact, you can even use the NetFoundry platform to securely connect over LTE or cellular networks, enabling the flexibility to operate in very remote or temporary locations.

NetFoundry's platform ensures secure, resilient networking from anywhere to anywhere, while enabling seamless IP portability from site to site without the complexity typically associated with network changes to DNS, routing tables, IP address schemes, and other cumbersome security and network related requirements.


Improve Performance & Increase Security

NetFoundry AppWANs are fortified by a software defined perimeter (SDP) with data stream fragmentation (aggregation and disaggregation) and military-grade encryption. The result is a private, dark, zero-trust network, protecting you and your customers from edge-to-edge.

Advanced Resiliencyfor Improved QoE

NetFoundry AppWANs automatically adapt to network conditions and route traffic via the best performing paths and transport protocol. For example, the platform may encapsulate TCP in the inherently more performant UDP and thereby dramatically outperform traditional single-path VPNs in terms of throughput and latency.

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