Improve Networking Performance

The NetFoundry Ziti Fabric optimizes your application’s reliability and performance. For example, TCP-based apps will often get at least 3x better performance on the Fabric than on VPNs! One of the greatest challenges of providing reliability and performance over Internet is adjusting for “Internet weather” (the quickly changing conditions of Internet connections). NetFoundry Fabric dynamically adjusts for Internet weather to mitigate the impacts of Internet problems on your application quality. The Fabric serves as a dynamic Internet overlay with maximum route diversity and endpoint-controlled, real-time routing.

How the Fabric Works

1. The Ziti Fabric is a dynamic routing mesh between Ziti Endpoints and Ziti Routers, with each router spun up (and down) on-demand and strategically distributed across multiple ISPs.

2.Real-time endpoint and router algorithms dynamically route your apps across the Ziti Fabric. Ziti algorithms, unlike Internet BGP, aggressively minimize latency and packet loss. This is dynamic on a session-by-session basis with scores assessed according to quasi real time performance.

3.Self-healing algorithms adjust to “Internet weather” in real-time. Routes are automatically restored to the Mesh when the condition is resolved. In addition, Ziti plugs in optimized long-haul transport protocols to optimize delivery, while the application continues to use its current protocols (so gets better performance without needing to change).

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