Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

The NetFoundry SASE framework is the only SASE which extends zero trust "everywhere" - WAN, clouds, IoT, Edge, B2B, remote worker.

Consolidate your network access security, web security, endpoint security and WAN into one solution built for distributed apps and workforces.

NetFoundry's SASE Solution

Combine & Simplify

Managing and securing distributed apps with different WAN, endpoint security, web security, firewall, ID and IAM systems and policies is costly and difficult. NetFoundry combines it into one simple, centrally managed SASE solution with APIs to all key components.

Agile & flexible

NetFoundry manages all underlying infrastructure as NaaS so you get cloud orchestrated, software-only SASE. Add to your WAN without disruption, or use NetFoundry Internet WAN. Plug into your DevOps and cloud orchestration, or use NetFoundry web console. APIs to integrate with existing systems.

SASE, Anywhere

Multicloud. loT. Connected supply chain. Any endpoint. Apps with microservices, APIs and clients distributed across multiple clouds, databases, web servers and user devices *embed* the zero trust networking for identity based segmentation.

Internet Optimized

NetFoundry's Global Fabric and dynamic routing gives you SASE with industry-leading reliability, latency minimization, and throughput optimization. The founders hold 10 patents on providing security and QoE for some of the world's largest VoIP and IoT implementations.

Distributed apps require SASE framework convergence

Your apps are becoming massively distributed. The app itself in microservices architectures, and the users of the app.  The complexity and cost of managing secure access to those apps is proportional to the distribution, so is growing as we speak.

The solution is NetFoundry SASE.  Combine the silos into one centrally managed, cloud orchestrated framework.  Plug-and-play as you wish - NetFoundry API integrates with leading providers, and offers NetFoundry software solutions in the stack.

Simple Network-as-a-Service (NaaS)

All SASE infrastructure (even controllers) hosted and managed in the global NF cloud as NaaS. This means you don't need bespoke networking hardware controllers or CPE, and IT focuses on cloud-orchestrated, policy-based control of the SASE solution, with a simple migration path, starting with any app, user group, edge or cloud.

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Any Endpoint. Any App.

NetFoundry software connects IoT as well as it connects IT, enabling IT to get zero trust networking to edge, IoT and cloud parts of the network.  One SASE framework - from edge to cloud.

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Case Study: Extend SASE to IoT and Edge

The NetFoundry platform enables programmable security integrations to leverage best in class third party solutions, e.g. Micron Authenta hardware root of trust in this case. Learn More

Internet Performance Optimization

NetFoundry eliminates the legacy trade-off between security and performance.  Get SASE framework security with enterprise grade quality of experience (QoE), over any set of underlying networks.

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NF enables you to leverage SASE without disrupting your WAN. This is because NetFoundry's SASE is uniquely is app-specific, software-only and cloud-orchestrated.  Of course you can also use NetFoundry's Internet WAN - you choose the solution you need.

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NetFoundry's SASE:

  • Gives IT the flexibility to start with specific apps, sites or clouds with no WAN disruption and no hardware deployment.
  • Gives IT control of a global SDN, accessed from any Internet, with the underlying infrastructure managed by NetFoundry as NaaS.
  • Extends SASE anywhere, from edge to cloud, and everywhere in between.

Read the Gartner Report : The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud

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