Simple Secure Access Service Edge

The simple path for IT to control SASE across edge, WAN and cloud

"In a modern cloud-centric digital business, users, devices and the networked capabilities they require secure access to are everywhere. As a result, secure access services need to be everywhere as well.” - Learn more on Gartner's Secure-Access-Service-Edge (SASE)


NetFoundry gives IT a simple path to full SASE:

  • IT has the flexibility to start with specific chosen applications, devices, sites or clouds.
  • No WAN disruption and works with any WAN - software-only, cloud orchestrated SASE.
  • IT gains global zero trust networking control across NetFoundry's global Fabric, accessed from any Internet, with the underlying infrastructure managed by NetFoundry as NaaS.
  • IT can leverage specific identities, policies and IAM for least privileged access. Includes built-in PKI solution and ability to use others.

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NetFoundry was chosen by Microsoft as 1 of only 5 solutions in the world

No Authentication = No Network.

Only after secure validation, does NetFoundry spin up an ephemeral network connection for the request. Until then, there is no data path! That is the only way to get true, zero trust SASE security. Your users and apps remain completely dark to the Internet while you deploy no hardware.

Secure Authentication = Zero Trust Network

Your assets remain dark, even after secure auth, due to NetFoundry's Fabric routers. Each session is micro-segmented with least privileged access from your centralized policies. Identification and authentication is integrated - use NetFoundry's embedded PKI or any Certificate Authority.

The only SASE which is software-only, application specific and cloud orchestrated, providing IT with easy button options and full control of SASE adoption:

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