Connecting users to applications is more complex and more critical as a business capability than ever.  Securing user and device connections is top of mind for CISOs, IT leadership, and the corporate board room.  It is not getting easier. 

Users are working from anywhere, using more personal devices, consuming more cloud-native and edge computing based apps. Simultaneously, the business environment is undergoing a period of heightened sensitivity to protect and secure corporate and personal data.  In 2020, we witnessed networking complexity and cybersecurity reach a tipping point, the point where a sea change is required.  Application embedded zero trust Networking as-a-Service (NaaS) is that sea change.

As a Software Vendor, your customers will be pushing you beyond current limits to understand how your application delivery protects their data. You will be challenged to show can evolve faster than the agility of cyber threats from lone-wolf cyber hackers, organized cyber-crime syndicates, and state-sponsored actors and in a world where application delivery is becoming widely distributed edge-to-cloud. 

Leaving this decision to either your customer or your customer’s private networking partners means three (3) things:

  1. Time to revenue is delayed – Often by more than 2-3 months to build out SDWAN, VPN, or MPLS networks
  2. Loss of control for cyber threat mitigation – You are not in control of the cyber threat surface to which your application is exposed, but yet you carry more than your fair share in the responsibility for cyber breaches
  3. Performance impacts – Networks are not created equal and how your customer connects to your application means unknowns in application delivery resilience and performance. Yet, the finger-pointing usually starts with the app provider.

Using NetFoundry’s zero trust NaaS platform, you can connect your customer’s users to your application(s) in a way that is less costly and less complex to both deliver and support – and is secure by design. You can now delight your customers by reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your application service by eliminating or reducing networking expenditures associated with expensive MPLS circuits, VPNs, SD-WANs, and managed security services. As the application service provider, you are now in greater control of end-to-end security and service quality for your application delivery on a global scale.

There is only so much budget in any company for any given purchase, so reducing your TCO will generally translate to more money available for consuming more of your SaaS services and other value-added components.  Your ability to help your customers reduce costs and complexity could also become a way to create additive revenue source for your organization.

How does this work? 

NetFoundry offers software vendors an alternative approach to overcoming traditional private networking challenges for connecting users to applications. NetFoundry’s platform consists of a modern, programmable network overlay and associated edge componentry for application-embedded, zero trust networking.  It is written by developers for developers.

Your software developers can embed zero trust cloud-native security directly into your application in just a few lines of code using NetFoundry’s open-source SDKs and robust APIs.  The result natively turns your application into a zero trust secure endpoint, wherever and anywhere your application is hosted. 

The result is that application connectivity can be implemented in minutes – accelerating time to revenue and make your end-users productive in days vs. weeks or months. Networks can be extended anywhere to software endpoints in any cloud, any device, or edge in a matter of minutes.  With NetFoundry, you can eliminate your customers’ dependence on expensive MPLS circuits, SD-WANs, and legacy hard to scale VPNs.

NetFoundry was founded to disrupt and transform networking by making the network as agile as the software applications it supports.  We can illustrate and deliver a proven way to accelerate your customer’s time to value and reduce their exposure to modern evolving cyber threats.

We invite you to explore a technology partnership that transforms how you connect users to your applications, accelerate adoption while simultaneously enhancing Service Quality, TCO, and Cybersecurity posture. 

You may contact us with the Form on this web page and we will follow up with you directly.

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