Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

Networks. They’ve existed since the inception of IT but how they work and what they are capable of has evolved into something truly amazing. When you hear the word, “network,” do you visualize cumbersome configuration meetings, postponed installations, a plethora of wires and a multitude of devices? It would be amazing to think this nightmare of an image is something straight from the 90’s, but it is as real today as it was 20 years ago. Although the networks of yesteryear experienced limitations that can fortunately be exceeded today, there’s still a big gap between the needs of modern business and the capabilities of the network. Fortunately, with NetFoundry, everything you thought you knew about networks, will be transformed.

The SD-WAN Takeover

Agility is the name of the game in the age of digital transformation. While MPLS and VPNs have served as reliable networking solutions, they can be expensive and lack the flexibility that is, quite frankly, required in today’s digital landscape.

So, what is serving as a replacement for MPLS and VPNs? That would be software-defined WANs and they are quickly becoming the go-to networking solution because, primarily, they are cost effective and far more agile.

Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

Simply put, SD-WAN solutions simplify connectivity between remote locations and branch offices. They are customizable and don’t require manual configuration at each device. SD-WAN solutions also tout centrally controlled management and security, reduced operational complexity and the time to engineer, set up and manage is significantly reduced.

While an SD-WAN can deliver in ways that MPLS and VPNs cannot, we believe that enterprises’ networks can extend even farther, right to the application edge, by leveraging the Internet to broaden connectivity in ways that private networks have never been able to achieve.

The Edge of Innovation with NetFoundry

With our platform, we take the Internet and use it as a foundation for fully private and secure, high performance networks that compliment modern application development practices and support digital transformation. With our multi-dimensional security and innovative technology, our customers experience unmatched agility, performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to spin up private overlay networks atop the biggest and most resilient network the world has ever known (AKA the Internet) and that is pretty amazing (if we don’t say so ourselves).

The New Relationship Between Applications and Networks

The relationship between applications and networks has always been contentious, and experienced a lot of growing pains recently. In short, application development practices and deployment have been evolving at such a high rate of speed, that networks have not been able to keep up. Naturally, this has proven to be quite inconvenient for IT departments, enterprises and individuals.

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This strained relationship between applications and networks got a few developers thinking. They realized that the success of applications relies on the quality, survivability, agility and security of the networks connecting them. Agility in application development has reigned supreme for quite some time but we have now progressed to an age where the network can no longer be an afterthought, especially when it’s possible to embed the network with the application. This possibility improves the user experience and overall value of said application.

Gaining the Competitive Edge

At NetFoundry, we deliver a platform that is not only innovative, but also agile and comprehensive. We take our technology for spinning up private networks and pair it with a robust set of developer tools – API integrations that integrate seamlessly into solution stacks. This type of offering isn’t even available in an MPLS environment or with traditional VPNs.

We live in a world where seamless connectivity, high-performance and agility are not only expected, but required. Rely on the technology that can deliver these attributes while providing virtually impenetrable security and scalability. Gain the competitive edge and move your network into the age of digital transformation with NetFoundry.

Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

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