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Immediate Remote Access Solution

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vpn replacement
  • Software-only and cloud-orchestrated for simple, secure remote access to all corporate, Internet and SaaS apps.
  • 200%+ performance improvement for most apps, available on any device.
  • Zero trust with micro-segmentation. Ideal for WFH and contractors - only access specific apps.
  • Direct zero trust networking to everywhere to offload corporate WAN from Internet and SaaS apps.
  • NetFoundry manages infrastructure as NaaS - IT gets Internet optimization without building global networks.

"NetFoundry does not just provide companies with an alternative to costly VPNs, it also provides them with faster, more agile, and more secure connectivity (link)."

Kerwin Malabanan, Managing Director, Fasttrack.

Microsoft chose NetFoundry as 1 of only 6 networking solutions in the world to optimize Office 365.

Use the same solution to optimize all your apps -  replace VPNs with high performance networking.

NetFoundry is an Azure Gold Partner and AWS Well Architected Review Partner, providing secure, high performance networking to Azure and AWS hosted apps, from any Internet connection.

Zero trust security replaces VPN vulnerabilities

No Authentication = No Network

Until secure validation, there is no data path, providing zero trust networking security. NetFoundry leverages hardware root of trust and built-in, bidirectional secure certificate exchange, so you don't deal with certificate or PKI pain, while gaining secure authentication.

Secure Authentication = Zero Trust Network

Your assets remain dark, even after secure authentication, due to NetFoundry's Fabric routers. Each session is micro-segmented with least privileged access from your centralized policies. The Fabric is controlled by your identities and policies, while being managed by NetFoundry as NaaS.

Zero trust with micro-segmentation

VPNs provide access to entire networks. However, contractors, vendors or remote workers only only need access to specific apps. NetFoundry's micro-segmentation only provides access to the specific apps, greatly strengthening security and compliance.


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NetFoundry Enables The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia with Secure, Reliable, Cloud Connectivity.

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