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Zero trust network access, made simple for anyone, anywhere.  In the words of Shawn Campion, CEO of Integro Technologies, the largest machine vision only company in North America:

work from home vpn

The easy button. Start with a free 30 day trial to get your remote workers up and running in minutes. No hardware. The platform enables you to spin up connections, anywhere, in minutes, and manage them centrally. NetFoundry is cloud optimized with public cloud networking optimization, and also enables your private cloud hosted apps. NetFoundry does not require Active Directory, SAML or IAM integrations. Nor does it require PKI or certificate loading. It is all built into the solution.

Zero trust security. Leading security orgs and governments have warned us against using VPNs for remote users. See the recent alert from CISA, warning businesses against increased reliance on VPN.  NetFoundry’s Zero Trust, SASE networking is endorsed by leading experts, orgs and government organizations.  Micro-segmented “NetFoundry AppWANs” only provide network access to specific apps, after they have securely identified, authenticated and authorized.  There is no VPN waiting to be compromised.

High performance. NetFoundry’s Global Fabric, delivered as NaaS, optimizes performance and is accessed from any Internet connection.  NetFoundry was selected by Microsoft as 1 of just 5 networking solutions in the world to optimize Office 365 networking.

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