NetFoundry admitted to
Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program


Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program

Dell has always been passionate about working with technology experts, and the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program focuses on the advancement of commercial and industrial IoT solutions.

NetFoundry is an Associate Partner, providing software-defined networking for Dell’s IoT gateways, validated by Dell on Dell’s Edge Gateway 5000 Series & Embedded Box PC 3000, on Ubuntu Linux and Windows distributions.

NetFoundry’s Agile, Open IoT Networking

NetFoundry replaces IoT VPNs and private telco networks APIs and software. NetFoundry enables IoT partners and customers to integrate software-defined networks inside of their applications and services. Network is no longer separate, hard to change, hardware-based or telco locked.

NetFoundry software enables partners and customers to use any Internet access provider, or multiple ISPs, and creates application-specific, global SDNs which they control to meet the policies of the application.

NetFoundry IoT Security

NetFoundry IoT SDNs are more secure than legacy VPNs, using software-defined perimeter architectures (SDP) and patented data-in-motion technology to make customer assets and networks “dark” to the outside world, and thwart attacks such as botnets, DDoS and man-in-the-middle. NetFoundry’s platform, APIs, and software make the Internet “fit for IoT”, protecting and isolating IoT data from edge to core to cloud.

NetFoundry IoT Performance

NetFoundry IoT SDNs are more resilient and performant than legacy VPNs, intelligently routing data across multiple tier one and Internet backbones, selecting the best paths in real-time, according to the performance needs of the specific application. NetFoundry’s optimized performance is ideal for applications which require top levels of uptime and reliability, and services such as surveillance, video analytics and real-time voice which require minimal latency, jitter, and packet loss.

NetFoundry Ecosystem Commitment

NetFoundry’s APIs and software work with partners such as Dell to enable full stack solutions, from end-to-end, incorporating concepts such as end-to-end identity and policy from IoT edges to IT cores to clouds.ther members of the EdgeX Project are simplifying and securing the IoT, all the way to the edge.


The world is changing rapidly. The way digital experiences inspire and enable customer engagement are evolving at break-neck speeds. Responding to meet these changes requires more than just a mobile app and a website, it requires a business service architecture focused on modular-ization, enabling agility across the entire company ecosystem. As a result, applications and services are moving to highly distributed, multi-cloud, inter-dependent microservices and APIs, while network edges are no longer defned by physical locations, but by application endpoints.