No Hesitation Cloud Migrations

I don’t know what it’s like where you’re sitting, but it is an absolute glorious Halloween in Charlotte, NC. The weather is beautiful and, in celebration of this spooky day, I’ve had “This is Halloween” and “The Monster Mash” playing on repeat all morning.

In all seriousness, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to talk about a topic that most, if not all, organizations are essentially forced to face – cloud migration. It’s a massive overhaul and organizations are faced with many obstacles throughout the process. In today’s blog, we’re going to explain how NetFoundry takes the fear out of cloud migration.

Time and Risk: The Biggest Threats to Cloud Migration

Most organizations underestimate the time it will take to migrate and protect their data to the cloud. Nowadays, many cloud services offer a terabyte or more of storage which is actually a considerable amount of data. However, you have to keep in mind the time it takes to migrate a given amount of data. For instance, if you use an upload speed of 50mbps, you would only be able to upload just over half a terabyte of data per day. It could take months to upload a 50TB dataset!

Two other components of the threat of time is overhead and latency. Basically, overhead relates to bandwidth and latency to response time. So, things like turning your data into packets, addressing it, dealing with collisions, inefficiencies in networking technologies, how far away is the server you’re trying to communicate with, etc., all slow down the already time-consuming cloud migration process.

Now that I’ve got you all stressed out, let me explain how NetFoundry saves the day.

I know it’s going to sound too good to be true but NetFoundry can drastically increase performance while adding a new level of security during the data migration process.

Our performant-by-design approach enables your organization to use broadband Internet circuits with maximum bandwidth instead of using capacity-constrained MPLS circuits. Also, instead of using unwieldy VPNs, all you have to do is use your existing Internet providers.

We then route your data from your local Internet access provider on to our private and secure Internet overlay across multiple tier one ISPs. Our endpoints and private Internet overlay work together to dynamically route data across the best performing paths.

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NetFoundry gateways combine multiple network interfaces into one logical hybrid WAN circuit, improving performance and resiliency. For better throughput, we encapsulate TCP traffic, terminate the TCP session at the entry point, use better performing protocols across our private Internet overlay, and then convert back to TCP at the far end.

In addition to our performant-by-design approach, we also enable a secure-by-design approach which ensures your data is highly protected through our multi-layered, software defined perimeter (SDP) security. Basically, if a layer of security was intercepted, a hacker couldn’t do anything with that data stream since it doesn’t make sense without the remaining layers. Our authenticate-before-connect and Zero Trust architecture provides you with enterprise grade security and peace of mind.

Connectivity and Post-Migration Problem Resolution

Let’s face it. The words “ease” and “connectivity” don’t typically go together in the IT world. Well, NetFoundry is changing that. In the past, during a cloud migration, organizations had to rely on traditional methods of cloud connectivity such as VPNs and MPLS. However, these methods are expensive and cumbersome and not the ideal solution.

With our AppWANs, we are introducing organizations to a new level of agility during cloud migrations. AppWANs are software-only, Zero Trust, micro-segmented networks that use our web orchestration console and APIs to be spun up. AppWANs can be deployed to connect anything over the Internet to cloud-migrated workloads with optimized performance and a multi-dimensional security model. As a connectivity solution, we bring security, speed, and agility that traditional connectivity solutions cannot match.

No Hesitation Cloud Migrations

When your organization successfully completes a cloud migration, it’s a weight lifted off of everyone’s shoulders. However, during a major overhaul such as a cloud migration, things can slip through the cracks. If that’s the case, it’s easy to tack up an AppWAN that is secure and zoned for security in minutes to fix the problem. With MPLS or VPNs, it takes a lot longer to solve with a lot more overhead from a management, provisioning, and cost perspective.

Cloud Migration Made Simple

Now that we’ve taken the fear out of cloud migration, are you ready to begin yours? Partner with NetFoundry and experience the ease and agility of a no-hassle cloud migration.

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