Exploring the Edge

In today’s world of uber-connectivity and IIoT devices, edge computing is extremely fascinating. When you break the process down to its simplest forms, edge computing takes the data from IIoT devices and moves it to the “edge” and processes it much closer to the actual device the data came from. This results in more instantaneous and accurate data to work with and eliminates the need to send data across long routes to data centers or clouds.

NodeWeaver, an industry-leader within the edge computing world, is a zero-management edge cloud fabric - integrating storage, networking, and virtualization in a single system. It was built to deliver full data center capabilities on virtually any x86-based hardware. NodeWeaver is very user-friendly as well because it allows customers to start small and expand their infrastructure as needed, one node at a time.

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Spin up Zero Trust networks in minutes over NodeWeaver's cloud fabric environments.

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IIoT and The Edge

The growth within the IIoT realm has been astounding and because of this, the need for a stronger, more powerful and more intelligent edge is justified. Everyday, IIoT solution stacks are becoming more advanced and responsive. From analyzing sensor data, to making AI-driven decisions, to taking action in real time, the evolution we’re experiencing is incredible.

NodeWeaver’s edge cloud fabric is lightweight and agile and works harmoniously with the ever-changing demands of IIoT. While NodeWeaver is powerful on its own, combining forces with NetFoundry has unleashed capabilities like never before. With NetFoundry, NodeWeaver is able to extend its zero-management approach to the network.

Now, it’s easy to spin up software-only, Zero Trust, micro-segmented networks, also known as AppWANs, directly from NodeWeaver cloud fabric environments over existing Internet connections without sacrificing speed or security.

Software-only mesh networks between edge nodes for unmatched IIoT agility.

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How NetFoundry + NodeWeaver Benefits You

In today’s world, seamless user experience and easy-to-use solutions are expected. Both NetFoundry and NodeWeaver boast simple, agile, and secure solutions which only enhances this partnership and benefits the user.

NetFoundry seamlessly integrates with NodeWeaver’s automation tools and is part of the NodeWeaver Marketplace which enables simple, full-stack solutions. Additionally, users can expect faster configuration changes and updates, dynamic performance optimization with 3-5x performance gains over traditional VPNs, Zero Trust network architecture, hardware and service provider agnostic, as well as multi-dimensional and encrypted data in motion protection.

Agile & Reliable IIoT & Edge Connectivity

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How Connectivity Works at the Edge

The NodeWeaver edge control fabric is simple and easy-to-use so NodeWeaver must also supply customers with simple and easy-to-use connectivity between their distributed nodes. This connectivity solution must also include built-in automation, multi-dimensional security, and infinite scalability. NetFoundry is the connectivity solution that enables NodeWeaver to do just that.

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As a combined unit, NodeWeaver can instantly deploy NetFoundry mesh networks between edge nodes, which are driving IIoT. Now, NodeWeaver customers can spin up software-only AppWANs directly between their environments over existing Internet connections.

This helps IIoT customers solve 3 challenges while protecting critical systems from outside threats. Limiting access to apps with micro-segmented, least privilege access AppWANs integrated into Identity and Access Management (IAM), abstracting critical systems away from the Internet using bi-directional and outbound-only dark networks, and harnessing multi-dimensional security architectures for data-in motion protection.

Safeguard Your Network, Ensure Zero Trust

NetFoundry protects you, your devices, and your applications from edge-to-edge.

Each network built with the NetFoundry platform is fortified by a multi-dimensional security architecture which isolates and protects data flows, resulting in private, dark networks over the Internet, micro-segmented by application. Zero trust is a breeze, with network perimeter and security needs defined by the application, rather than the traditional combination of application, network, and security infrastructure. Policy and compliance adherence is drastically simplified through seamless integration with identity access management (IAM) systems and hardware roots of trust.

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Optimize Without Compromise

NetFoundry's network control fabric optimizes data flow across the Internet, delivering 3-5x performance gains over traditional VPNs, assuring exceptional quality of experience (QoE) using a multi-faceted approach. Throughput is optimized by harnessing the superior efficiency of UDP, while dynamic path control ensures the quickest and most efficient way of traffic routing, automatically shifting paths to maximize performance, while preventing jitter and packet loss.

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