NetFoundry and Sesame Software announce they have joined forces to provide Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers with instant, highly secure, and cost-effective connectivity supporting data movement to the destinations of their choice for robust reporting and analytics provided by Sesame Software.

Winning organizations move faster than the competition and are highly responsive to customers and adept at capturing opportunities. Being responsive requires building agile solutions to leverage data into decision making. Unfortunately, most organizations continue to operate a mish-mash of “bolted together” technologies from multiple vendors – particularly for security, networking and data warehousing. Integrating data from legacy systems, assorted databases, and multiple cloud sources often involves a cumbersome mix of time consuming data integration and transition technologies.  This impedes business velocity and results in insecure data (firewall ports and VPNs which are open to the Internet).

The NetFoundry and Sesame joint solution addresses these challenges by providing zero trust, software-only solutions to power seamless, secure data integration and replication processes. Oracle Cloud customers can accelerate workload migration and ongoing data connectivity with zero trust networks powered by the NetFoundry platform. These advanced processes result in cost savings, time savings, and increased efficiency and agility without having to re-architect solutions. No coding, data mapping, or data maintenance is required.  All firewalls and VPNs are actually closed (zero trust data implementation details here)!

Sesame Software’s data management suite, Relational Junction, replicates data from different locations into a single high-performance data warehouse for robust reporting and analytics. Relational Junction’s rapid deployment has data moving in minutes, speeding up time to production and empowering organizations to focus on insights.

Relational Junction Data Warehouse Builder provides automated data warehouse capabilities for over 100 data sources to bring all business data into one place to ensure data consistency and ease of reporting. Get real-time 360-degree access to the most important data for reporting and analytics and ensure that data teams and executives are aligned for strategic decision making.

NetFoundry enables all organizations to transform security and networking into an innovation enabler by embedded zero trust connectivity into applications and solutions. This embeds programmable, cloud-native, zero-trust networking in the application creating an agile, programmable and highly secure network infrastructure.

Secure networking with NetFoundry, as application embedded code, abstracts away the complexity of the underlying network infrastructure and puts security into the nucleus of the application development and delivery lifecycle. This helps businesses meet automation, agility, and business velocity goals, in a manner similar to how virtualization and containers abstracted complexity away from the underlying compute infrastructure to help automate and accelerate application development and delivery.

Forward looking organizations expect their vendors help them to become more agile and more secure. NetFoundry and Sesame Software are delivering on these needs for our customers by abstracting away complexity and moving beyond yesterday’s bolted-on security and mish-mash of data translation and integration point solutions. Sesame Relational Junction and NetFoundry deliver instant, reliable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity for any application in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Relational Junction and NetFoundry have been tested and verified on Oracle Cloud, so customers can move their data with confidence and have cloud-native control over their security, network, and data warehouse infrastructure.

Additional Information on the NetFoundry and Sesame Software Solution is available here.

About NetFoundry
NetFoundry is the leader in enabling application providers and businesses to simply, securely and cost effectively connect distributed applications across any set of edges and clouds. The NetFoundry platform and NPaaS service are accessed via web consoles, CLI, APIs, SDKs and DevOps tools integrations, enabling practitioners, application developers, and network administrators to get the levels of automation and agility they need. NetFoundry Inc. is a remote-first company, with its largest pod in Charlotte, North Carolina, and customers and partners in APAC, EMEA and the Americas.

Twitter: @NetFoundry

About Sesame Software
Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Sesame Software is the Enterprise Data Management leader, delivering data rapidly for enhanced reporting and analytics. Sesame Software’s patented Relational Junction suite of products offers superior solutions for data warehousing, integration, as well as backup, and compliance to fit your business needs. Plug-and-play simplicity allows for no data mapping, maintenance, or coding required. Quickly connect to SaaS, on-premise, and cloud applications in minutes, not months.

Twitter: @Sesamesoft

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