View our Twitch streaming session with IBM Developer

Check out this informative streaming session in which the IBM and NetFoundry teams demonstrate how you can use our open source Ziti Zero Trust software to build a multi-cloud, zero trust network for Kubernetes in minutes! In fact, NetFoundry’s Ken Bingham and Clint Dovholuk join IBM’s JJ Asghar to deploy the zero trust solution LIVE on the IBM Developer Live Streams Twitch channel.

Ziti is an open source project and community consisting of a collection of open SDKs, related tooling, and associated edge components that make it simple to embed private, programmable zero trust networking into applications. This provides applications with zero trust, high performance networking that overlays on any Internet connection, without VPNs. Ziti was developed and open sourced by NetFoundry, Inc. NetFoundry continues to fund and contribute to Ziti.

Twitch Live Stream

We have also created a playlist where we have chunked the live stream into shorter sections. View the individual sessions below.


Part 1: What is Ziti open source Zero Trust software?

Part 2: Expose a web app in Kubernetes to a laptop

Part 3: Expose an app server in Kubernetes

Part 4: Deploy a Ziti-enabled Zero Trust app to Kubernetes

Part 5: Outro, staying in touch, goodbye for now!

Highlight – What about overhead?

We believe open source and open standards provide innovation and security advantages while supporting agility, extensibility, and flexibility. We don’t know what we will be dealing with tomorrow – nobody does – so creating agile flexible zero trust application connections is critical for all organizations. The days of implementing point solutions are over.

The Ziti project welcomes contributions including, but not limited to, code, documentation, and bug reports. All Ziti code is found on Github under the OpenZiti organization, and a Discourse Forum is available.


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Twitch stream complete – unedited

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