Integron, a leading provider of managed services for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, today announced it is partnering with NetFoundry to offer software-defined networking as a managed service for enterprise IoT deployments.

The Value of SDN and IoT

Software-defined networking (SDN) enables easy deployment of private networks with advanced security on top of existing cloud, data center, and edge infrastructure. As more enterprise businesses are embracing SDN, its value with network management, configurability, and secure data transfer is beginning to be understood for IoT private networks as well, and is gaining traction in a broad range of markets, including connected healthcare, transportation and telematics, and smart energy.

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Integron is partnering with NetFoundry to offer software-defined networking as a managed service, part of Integron’s overall suite of managed IoT services. NetFoundry, originally incubated in Tata Communications’ Shape the Future program, is the world’s first platform that enables enterprises to extend networks across IoT, clouds and IT with the security and reliability of WANs, but with the agility of an Internet-based, software-only architecture. The partnership allows Integron to embed the NetFoundry MultiCloud and IoTConnect platform within the Integron managed service solution, providing improved flexibility, configurability, and time-to-market control for IoT Private Networks, and security for IoT deployments.

“We are seeing an increased demand from our customers for greater security, control, and network configurability for their IoT private networks,” stated Bryan Lubel, President of Integron. “Our partnership with NetFoundry allows us to satisfy those requirements and offer our customers a comprehensive SDN managed service. The configurability and control of NetFoundry’s platform provides both network operators and our enterprise customers with the ability to quickly spin-up and control secure, private networks on their schedule – benefits that are critical in today’s hyperconnected world.”

“We are excited to welcome Integron into our partner ecosystem,” stated Galeal Zino, Founder and President of NetFoundry. “NetFoundry enables solution providers to embed secure, performant networking as software inside their solutions stacks, and Integron’s suite of offerings for managing IoT deployments is a great application for the NetFoundry MultiCloud and IoTConnect platform.”

The integrated solution will become part of Integron’s complete portfolio of managed IoT services, which also include device and wireless management. Integron’s managed IoT services provide business agility and ongoing operational management for IoT deployments in a range of industries, including healthcare, smart energy, and transportation.

“Integron’s proven track record of supporting large scale IoT implementations, and NetFoundry’s ability to encrypt network traffic where it is only readable by trusted edge elements is a powerful combination”, said Carl Ford, Conference Chairman of IoT Evolution. “Integron and NetFoundry together set a new high bar for IoT device and application security.”

NetFoundry and Integron at Mobile World Congress 2017

NetFoundry and Integron will be jointly showcasing the solution at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona. More information is available at

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NetFoundry™ reinvents networking for the hyperconnected era, evolving secure networking from private circuits and telecom hardware to Internet, APIs and virtualized software. To learn more, visit

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