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London > Sydney > Orlando > Barcelona…our team has been on the road non-stop this fall. Most recently, we attended IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. This is a conference that we have participated in since NetFoundry’s inception and it’s a conference that our team highly anticipates each and every year.

Before we dive into the highlights and key takeaways from this year’s conference, let us explain what the purpose of this event is. The goal of IoT Solutions World Congress is to connect IoT providers with industry so the latter can experience increased productivity with the disruptive technology we know as IoT. It’s a global forum that bridges international insight, discussion and experiences surrounding IoT.

Philip Griffiths and Jim Clardy represented NetFoundry this year at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 and they both provided their highlights and key takeaways from the conference. Check them out below.

Philip Griffiths’ Take on IoT Solutions World Congress 2018

Our very own Philip Griffiths broke down three aspects that stood out to him at this year’s conference.

“The great thing about this global forum was that it brought together partners, sparked new conversations and allowed me the chance to speak with Integron about securing connected healthcare,” said Griffiths.

IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 afforded the NetFoundry team the opportunity to meet with partners, in real life, which allowed them to discuss long term success strategies. Additionally, our partners actively sent over their customers so they could see the innovation and value the NetFoundry solution adds. Any chance where IT professionals can get together and talk about “nerdy IT topics” is a win for everyone here at NetFoundry.

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One takeaway that Griffiths noted was how the term “Zero Trust” is not widely used. Griffiths commented that a shocking 90% of people had never heard of the term. However, people understood the importance of Zero Trust once it was explained. Even more so, they got excited about its impact once it was demonstrated how NetFoundry enables Zero Trust and the value it brings to securing IoT devices and their data.

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Lastly, for Griffiths, he was ecstatic to have had the chance to speak with our partner, Integron, at the conference. Integron, a managed services company for the IoT landscape, and NetFoundry have partnered together to provide customers with an ironclad IoT security strategy for the healthcare industry. While speaking at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018, Griffiths and Integron were able to illustrate the importance of securing connected healthcare.

We are happy to hear Griffiths had a great time at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018. To discover Jim Clardy’s highlights, read on.

IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 From Jim Clardy’s POV

If you met Jim Clardy at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018, we are sure it was a meeting you won’t forget.

“The partners and sessions made this year’s conference incredibly dynamic and an all around great learning experience. I was very happy to be there,” said Clardy.

Somehow, in this post, we have failed to mention one of the biggest reasons NetFoundry participated in IoT Solutions World Congress this year. NetFoundry has recently partnered with Micron, Microsoft and Tata Communications MOVETM, among others, to mitigate the challenges and obstacles organizations face when adopting IIoT. Our team provided a demo of this capability at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 so attendees could witness Zero Trust Silicon-to-Cloud in action.

Clardy stated that the support the NetFoundry team received from partners like Micron, Microsoft, NXP, and Tata Communications MOVETM, was exceptional.

In addition to the strategic sessions available throughout the week, it was, once again, a hugely successful event that resulted in solidified partnerships and great conversations.

Did you attend IoT Solutions World Congress 2018? If so, what were your highlights and key takeaways from the conference? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram!

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