Gartner® Report: What are the practical projects for implementing zero trust?

The reality is zero trust is not something that can be purchased off-the-shelf. Organization will need to architect and engineer zero trust to apply its principles and capabilities into their processes, culture and operations. In short, zero trust is a transformation journey, much like cloud adoption.

During the zero trust journey, how do businesses protect themselves from cybersecurity threats like the recent devastating wave of ransomware attacks? Organizations need to act now to increase protection of their information and application supply chains so that they don’t become conduits to their downstream businesses and partners for attacks such as ransomware.

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    NetFoundry Zero Trust NaaS Platform

    Cloud-native software powers innovation and is designed to run anywhere and everywhere – concurrently. To support business innovation with cloud-native software, Networking needs to be transformed to be agile, zero trust and capable of connecting applications anywhere and everywhere, securely and with optimized performance.

    Innovative organizations are now transforming their networking with the NetFoundry zero trust platform to:

    • Strengthen security - multi-cloud, branch, data center zero trust connectivity
    • Reduce costs, complexity – replace MPLS, VPNs
    • Accelerate innovation – secure edge/IoT connectivity

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