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Today, people are more informed than ever with a seemingly endless array of information sources. These changes have created a complete shift in power from the business to the customer. Customers now control the conversation, and when, how, and where they engage with vendors.

These changes have also led to situations where mis-information can be rapidly amplified – it is no surprise many customers are actively seeking authoritative, legitimate and independent sources of information. Two information sources that can be counted on for trusted perspectives are: Independent market analysts and of course the ultimate single “source of truth” –  the voices of our customers.  

NetFoundry is pleased to have garnered the attention and recognition from the analyst community. Late last year, we were named a Gartner Cool Vendor in their report “Enhanced Internet Services and Cloud Connectivity”, Sept. 2020, Jonathan Forest, Andrew Lerner, Neil Rickard, Ted Corbett.

Most recently, industry analyst  R. Scott Raynovich @rayno pointed to Netfoundry in this Forbes article.The article points out that “The scale and speed of innovation in cloud technology is truly astounding these days” and we could not agree more. We are heartened and honored to be listed in this report as one of the “Growth Stars” – companies demonstrating rapid market adoption.

We are experiencing an acceleration of adoption of the NetFoundry zero trust networking Platform.  The diversity of our customer base is amazing – both from a geographic perspective, but also from a use case perspective. Customers all over the world are using NetFoundry in a variety of interesting use cases. Here are a few examples of recent customers who have chosen to partner with NetFoundry. 

CERM, a Belgium company, sells software to help Label and Packaging printing vendors automate operations and digitize their business. CERM automated their production software deployments with Ansible provisioning and Jenkins playbooks by integrating NetFoundry inside the CERM edge appliance. The result – CERM can securely and rapidly provision and scale their solution deployments across the globe and accelerate customer ROI.

Regal Springs is the largest vertically integrated white fish farming producer in the world – headquartered in Singapore. This rapidly growing business needed to implement secure connectivity to new locations around the world, and concurrently they were looking to transform to a multi-cloud environment. They quickly realized legacy network technologies were too complex, expensive and could not support their need to become more agile. As explained by their Global Head of IT, Yoganand Konar, Netfoundry’s software-based NaaS Platform approach was a “game changer and perfect solution to connect our extensive remote distributed network and business locations.”

KEO International Consultants based in Dubai – this forward looking organization recognized that to unlock the creative potential of its people and organization required the transformation of its networking environment to better support its employee’s connectivity from project locations around the globe. They also needed to improve connectivity to global branch offices and support remote users working from home. With NetFoundry, KEO has a fully programmable cloud-native global network fabric that abstracts away complexity and can now dial up new networks in minutes. Because the NetFoundry Platform is operated as NaaS, KEO no longer must allocate IT resources to managing network hardware. KEO can put their focus and align resources on creating new business value for their clients.

TOOQ is a unique provider of business intelligence solutions in Brazil. They are experts in integrating online and offline data measurement technologies to provide digital intelligence solutions for the real world. As a world class innovator, TOOQ was a natural fit to partner with NetFoundry to embed zero trust networking into TOOQ solutions.

For TOOQ’s solutions to be effective, it is critical that their Retail Edge Devices are securely connected and communicating with TOOQ’s analytics applications that are running in multiple  public clouds. TOOQ is now accelerating the pace and scope of their deployments to bring more customer sites online quicker and ensure that all customer data is protected and secure. This in turn makes the TOOQ solution more agile and helps them to deliver a faster return on investment for their customers.

We hope you find these examples interesting and invite to follow us in social media and to learn about NetFoundry’s zero trust networking platform with the resources below.

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