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Outside of science fiction, who would have thought the world could change so much in a few short weeks?

A new division has appeared, between those who can no longer work – including hospitality, event and restaurant employees – and those who are working overtime to deliver essential services and protect society. Even then, remote working has become the norm.

When remote offices are dispersed to work from home, they become doubly remote. At the same time, secure online communications remain vital for access to cloud services and for co-operation. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have long been the de facto solution for secure access to enterprise applications, but they have serious security limitations:

  • VPNs give devices and users full network access privileges, whether needed or not, while over 60% of all network breaches can be traced to third-party access.
  • Users, especially home users, are at risk from malware-infested devices. Once those devices gain full network access over the VPN, their malware can search for vulnerabilities.
  • The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has already warned businesses about security vulnerabilities via remote worker VPNs.

What more can be done?

NetFoundry has taken the radical step of offering for 60 days complimentary use of its Cloud Native NetFoundry Platform to all charitable organizations, schools, universities, hospitals, medical professionals, and law enforcement agencies needing Zero Trust cloud security.  

Instead of having to connect and manage multiple VPN tunnels everywhere, the organizer has central visibility and control of the entire network. It is easy to manage, with no VPN configurations. Its ‘role-based’ application-aware access adapts readily to management policies, and it can be deployed in hours, and updated in seconds. Software – available for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices – is all that is needed for every endpoint.

Whereas VPNs impair application performance – especially when going via VPN concentrators to a corporate network and finally to the cloud – the NetFoundry Platform directly routes data along optimal paths for minimal latency and more than doubles the performance of VPN. Remote workers can now enjoy “Head Office” services, enabling optimal efficiency and best use of time.

Zero Trust networking sets a new standard of security compared to the VPN. Access privileges are tightly specified by user, device and application. Micro-segmentation enables tight linkage as well as isolation of key workgroups or services.

This is a terrific opportunity for those organizations to experience the full benefit of low latency, micro-segmented networking with zero trust security right to the home worker and edge devices. But can we expect these critical services to manage the transition to a new technology in times of so much stress and added responsibility? 

For the next 90 days NetFoundry’s engineers and customer support specialists are on standby to offer every assistance to get these organizations quickly and securely established on this Cloud Native NetFoundry Platform – even as they start to benefit from the agility, scale and security it offers.

In times of crisis it is good to know that we are in safe hands.

Even better when we know that those safe hands are themselves in safe hands.

These include many charitable organizations, schools, universities, hospitals, medical professionals, and law enforcement agencies – where working remotely is becoming the norm.

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