Private app delivery, made simple

In less than 10 minutes, Clint shows how to wrap your app with a few lines of code (the Ziti SDKs) to make your app 'dark'. Components:

App routers. Code you add to your app which acts as routers - routing your app on a secure overlay which is unreachable from the underlay networks.

Fabric. Your programmable, private overlay of Ziti Fabric Routers and Session Controllers. App Routers and Fabric Routers include bootstrapped X.509 certificate identification and authentication. Unauthorized packets can't access your overlay. 

Policies. Your policies control access.  Your App Routers open outbound connections to your Fabric.  Your firewalls enforce one rule: deny all.

AppWrap gives you end-to-end security and control, anywhere

Traditional, bolted-on private networking infrastructure (nasty combinations of VPNs, MPLS, SD-WAN, proxies, complex firewall rules, bastions, IPS/IDS, etc.) is increasingly difficult to bolt-on in distributed app environments.

Instead, build secure networking into your apps, getting end-to-end security and control anywhere your app goes, from APIs to autonomous vehicles, and everywhere in between.

3rd party devices & networks

Increasingly, our apps go on third-party devices or networks, and consists of APIs spread across multiple clouds. Deploying VPNs or SD-WAN CPE is often too 'big', or not possible in those cases. The app is the new edge - security needs to be controlled by the app.

Connected supply chain is one example - see below how the United Kingdom's "Digital Sandwich" B2B supply chain leverages NetFoundry for end-to-end security, control and visibility.

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Ziti open source + NetFoundry SaaS

Use Ziti open source for ultimate flexibility, or leverage the NetFoundry SaaS services for a turnkey, fully hosted (including hosting your private Fabric Routers) experience. NetFoundry SaaS services are built on Ziti, and serve 100s of TBs of data per month with no breaches and 99.95% availability SLAs.