Digital Transformation Requires Networking Transformation


  1. Apps are distributed across edges and clouds. MPLS-WAN and SD-WAN are centralized, and not built for edge or cloud.

  2. WAN is no longer secure by itself - network based security is not sufficient now that the old perimeter is disappearing.

  3. Orgs require agility, automation and speed but WAN isn't programmable and integrated with the rest of the app stack.

Network Transformation Requires the Platform-ification of Networking

Networking as a Platform Enables Digital Transformation


  1. Built to manage distributed apps (cloud-orchestrated, app-specific, Internet-optimized).

  2. Built to meet modern security needs (zero trust, SASE architecture for Internet-native and cloud-native security).

  3. Built for agility, automation and speed. Programmable and app-specific with NaaS abstraction of underlay networks.

Platforms enable orgs to simply & powerfully control cloud orchestrated compute functions

NetFoundry's Platform enables orgnizations to simply & powerfully control cloud orchestrated networking functions

NetFoundry and SASE - Evolution Instead of Disruption

App specific + cloud-orchestrated + NaaS + software-only + any device = a path to SASE

  • Choose to move existing (or greenfield) individual apps, user groups, sites or clouds
  • No WAN disruption - no extra controllers or bespoke CPE - works with any WAN
  • Internet optimized eases requirements on private circuits
  • As web portal orchestrated platform, the various enterprise teams (e.g. networking, app, security) all have control and visibility, without proprietary tools, CLI, etc.
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