Secure NetFoundry and SASE Application Functions

NetFoundry features Secure App Secure Edge

Application Embedded

NetFoundry app-specific SDKs enable ISVs to compile their apps with embedded zero trust networking. The app gets zero trust regardless of the WAN. Critical for B2B, private SaaS and IoT apps which often span multiple networks which no single administrator controls. View the case studies below for examples.

Case Study: OmniSYS Private SaaS Networking
Case Study: Integro IoT Device Management

Microsegmented Security

Application level microsegmentation adds security, and enables NetFoundry to optimize performance for individual apps according to need. View the case studie below for as example.

Case Study: AWS S3 Access From Any SASE Edge

Digital Transformation at the Speed of Your Business

App-specific helps your org move to SASE at its own pace and match SASE to the migration of individual applications to the cloud.

Case Study: SAP & Azure Cloud Migrations without WAN Disruption

Easy Setup Prebuilt Endpoints

NetFoundry has prebuilt endpoints in Azure, AWS and GCP stores, making it easy for orgs to extend SASE to those apps, and not forcing the sessions to be decrypted or steered elsewhere (e.g. orgs can use Azure web app firewalls which are inline with their app sessions).

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