Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

It’s a hot week in the tech industry and we are super pumped about it. There are two major conferences occurring as we speak and we are attending both of them. Microsoft Inspire is in full swing in Vegas and the AWS Summit is underway in New York City.

These conferences are highly anticipated each year because it’s the perfect opportunity for partners to gather to learn about the latest in regards to Microsoft and AWS, but also to see what other corporations and businesses are up to while having the ability to tout their own advancements, updates and services.

It’s an exciting time in the tech world with trends like the continued evolution of digital transformation, IoT, DevOps and cloud adoption. The way technology is driving connectivity and innovation is truly astounding. Not only are we excited about how our industry is transforming, we’re excited to offer solutions that play a huge role in that transformation.

How Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

Before we dive into how our services pertain to both Microsoft Inspire and AWS, let’s quickly recap what makes NetFoundry unique.

NetFoundry is a software-only solution that enables our customers and partners to instantly spin up secure, performant, application-specific, zero trust networks with public Internet reach and scale. These “AppWANs” are created and managed using secure, developer-friendly web based orchestration tools and APIs tailored to fit within application development and operation life cycles.

Application teams can easily configure and operate AppWANs, which act as one-to-many discrete application-specific microsegments. Each AppWAN is a selected subset of endpoints associated to an application with which, authorized endpoints are allowed to exclusively communicate, creating a zero trust relationship. NetFoundry AppWANs enable non-expert line-of-business and IT project teams to quickly and independently spin up and scale out compliant, performant, Internet-distributed applications.

So, with NetFoundry, now is the time to reimagine the way you know the cloud, IoT, SaaS and Extranets.

Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

NetFoundry at Microsoft Inspire

It makes perfect sense for us to participate as a partner at Microsoft Inspire. NetFoundry makes connecting to Microsoft Azure a breeze. Let us explain.

microsoft inspire

NetFoundry AppWANs use pre-built, easy-to-deploy components that enable instant creation of cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-edge connected solutions across the Internet, using any access provider, eliminating the costs of expanding private networks and infrastructure to Microsoft Azure without sacrificing security or performance. NetFoundry’s Gateway for Microsoft Azure is purpose-built to allow you to easily spin up your network with just a few clicks.

Imagine it this way. You can deploy your private network control fabric, instantly add endpoints with a click and tie endpoints to services with AppWANs. No hardware, no VPNs and no private circuits. Elevate your network to Microsoft Azure. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

NetFoundry at AWS Summit New York

Cloud migration of enterprise apps is the name of the game in 2018 and NetFoundry makes it easy. We help take the frustration out of migration.

A growing number of organizations are looking to take advantage of the flexibility, agility and cost savings of AWS to host migrated legacy enterprise application suites such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Infor.

With NetFoundry, cloud migrations are easy and fast, while connections to apps in the cloud are more scalable, performant and secure than traditional VPNs. NetFoundry enables zero trust, application-specific connections across the public Internet by providing granular subnetwork isolation, identity-bound connections and enhanced performance from any device anywhere on the globe.

In summary, with NetFoundry-powered cloud migrations, you can easily “lift and shift” and “host and run.” Enjoy added layers of security and significant performance gains.

Come Say Hi!

So, as we embark on the last half of Microsoft Inspire and AWS Summit New York, stop by our booths and let’s chat. You can find us at booth 1509 at Microsoft Inspire and booth 441 at AWS Summit.

Plus, keep an eye out for an “After the Show” webinar where we will be discussing highlights and updates from both Microsoft Inspire and AWS. We will announce the date of the webinar on our social media channels so be sure to follow along.

Whitepaper: Our Abstraction is Your Salvation

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